Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.


RED HOT ROSTER December Jennifer AnistonShe made it big on the hit show Friends back in the 90’s and her career has never slowed since.  A five year marriage to Brad Pitt and bounced back as one of the most iconic women in Hollywood.  Women go crazy over her movies and men know she is a catch.  Sexy, sophisticated and a California (LA) native.  If she is in a film, producers and distributor know it is more than likely to be a hit.  We like her easy going manner.



RED HOT ROSTER December Ewan McGregorEwan Gordon McGregor OBE, a Scotsman, is known for his roles as the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars sagas.  Talented and a father of four children, his work is never ending.  One of the most sought after British actors also is known for his tenor singing voice.  A true artist and a modern throwback to an age of class and elegance, but bringing it to the modern age.  Like most British actors, they not only make use of the language properly but know how to use their fork and knife.



The top of the food chain looks like her.  Known as one of the best in photography and directing of erotic femininity (shes German), she is loved around the world.  Her images are always beautiful and yes the girl can party.  A true artist through and through, she is one of the kindest individuals one will ever meet.  Stylish, the boss and full of energy, she is on a natural high of all that life has to offer.  Jet setting around the world for fashion and Hollywood, not a bad gig – always smiling!



RED HOT ROSTER December Charles MatthauHollywood royalty is easy to recognize.  The son of the late great Walter Matthau, Charles was named after his father’s friend Charlie Chaplin.  Actor and film/tv director, he’s not a novice to the plus and minuses of the entertainment industry.  Sophisticated and generous, he comes off more as a wealthy Ivy League graduate who teaches film somewhere to open eyed teens.  Alas, he is just another Los Angelino making his way through the industry.  We like his Bruce Wayne style demeanor and ability to be taken seriously.


OLIVIA MUNN / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER December Olivia MunnShe’s hot, popular and oh, she is in Hollywood.  Guess that makes her even more desirable.  The Oklahoma transplant spent her childhood in Tokyo before turning into a future A-List actress.  Her recent role with Johnny Depp should help boost our prediction.  She is as sexy as her name whilst possessing a humbler than most Hollywood actress attitude.  Virtually invisible on the street (great for avoiding paparazzi), she shines on the red carpet and silver screen.  An “It Girl.”


SETH ROGEN / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER December Seth RogenHe is one funny Canadian (a paradox) and he knows it.  Having escaped Vancouver for Los Angeles, his acting career is full of characters that are very similar to his real life persona (not sure about the weed).  Polite as can be with an air of intellectual humor, he is one of those underrated guys in Hollywood.  His career has been on a steady incline and people want to be around him to mingle and laugh.  Family man, screenwriter, actor, producer, director and comedian, his talents are sure to quadruple!



RED HOT ROSTER December Nichole FitchAn artist and possibly an anarchist (of social boundaries), she is sure to make a memory stick.  As a member of the social elite, she is one of those girls who can wear flip flops to a cinderella dress style event because her friends probably put the ball together in the first place.  She is cool and likes to spice it up.  Social, sexy and sophisticated, we know many men want to steal her away to some tropical island for a month.  This social diva has life figured out and it is for her taking.  Good to be gifted.



RED HOT ROSTER December Gregoire VogelsangThe Belgian gallery owner and art dealer is proof that there is life after Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Socially posh and jet setting around the world in the name of art, he’s come a long way from getting married in the lobby of the Bank of America building in New York.  If the art world had rock stars then he would probably be the one putting them into his own group.  With the gift of the gab, it’s no mystery why his social calendar is full (triple booked) every night of the week and Christmas.