Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.

[highlight_1]KIRSTY DAVIES[/highlight_1][highlight_2]London[/highlight_2]

Kirsty Davies modelA lady by nature (and probably birth), this London IT GIRL is even more stunning in person and looks great talking down to men who think they have a chance (they circle like wolves). She sips champagne at favored spots in South Kensington and an occasional stiff Italian Stallion (Bourbon, Campari & Vermouth) at dive bars in Milano. You won’t be able to keep up with this fiery vixen, but you might catch a whiff of her ₤2000 per bottle perfume if fortunate. Adore her, please, just don’t bore her. She’s easily impressed, if you rent out an entire restaurant for a lunch date and some do…


[highlight_1]HEINZ HAAS[/highlight_1][highlight_2]New York[/highlight_2]

Heinz Haas, Red Hot RosterThe Sydney, Australia to New York transplant is no stranger to the finest tennis courts and people around the globe. Americans like his Aussie accent and his rolodex consists of every chairman from banking and corporate America to celebrities, coast to coast. He’s called a “PRO” and it defines his upbeat attitude and top spin on life. Vegemite is certainly not on the menu with this caviar driven chevalier. The “should be” Hollywood actor doesn’t have time for castings, only the courts.


[highlight_1]VERA JORDANOVA[/highlight_1][highlight_2]New York[/highlight_2]

Vera Jordanova, RED HOT ROSTERBulgarian ancestry, raised in Finland and calls New York City her home for the past several years whilst starring in Hollywood films out of Los Angeles. Go figure this one out please. Besides being beautifully complicated (and looking like a fashion tear sheet straight out of VOGUE Paris), she is one of the more serious girls you will ever meet in the modeling and acting sector (success has its privileges). She has the 411 on the social scene of who’s who and who’s to avoid. Stay on her good side or she’ll blacklist you in places that don’t even exist yet (always ahead of the game). We hear she’s a good driver (Finnish motor-cross).


[highlight_1]FRANCESCO CIVETTA[/highlight_1][highlight_2]New York[/highlight_2]

Francesco Civetta, Red Hot RosterIs it possible to be more cool, kind, intelligent and plugged into the lungs of New York (wait, the world) than him (aka DJ CASH)? The most “connected” gentleman (to the Pope I mean) has the keys to various cities and is as talented as he is genuine. What’s the phrase, soft spoken but carries a big stick? Difficult to follow this jet-set gentleman. Everyone admires him which means he could either be a future president or co-owner of a vineyard with the Dalai Lama (I’m voting for the vineyard-preferably champagne).


[highlight_1]NINA SENICAR[/highlight_1][highlight_2]Los Angeles[/highlight_2]

Nina Senicar red hot roster

A Serbian beauty formerly residing in Milano but now in Los Angeles who is famous for her bikini/lingerie fashion line and modeling. Now she is conquering Hollywood with her acting skills (and perfect tan, body, eyes, smile, etc…) and charm. Hot feature films are on the rise as she is ALREADY famous in Italy. She makes men want to hit the gym and stop eating pasta. There are very few of these real women left in the world and she is a rare bird. She puts the glamour and sex appeal back into Hollywood. Want-to-be models look like clowns next to her. She’s TOP BABE.


[highlight_1]TERRY RICHARDSON[/highlight_1][highlight_2]New York[/highlight_2]

Terry Richardson, red hot rosterOne of New York’s well known high fashion photographers (he can get any superstar naked it seems) who likes to dabble in video as well. He was born with a wild streak and the girls who have a taste for that side of life also enjoy his menu for fun, games and fame (having fortune doesn’t hurt). All the ladies want to know him and he is on every invite list from Los Angeles to Monaco. Boredom doesn’t seem to be a world or word familiar to him. His trademark glasses tone down the Über devil adventurist “look” side.


[highlight_1]LEVEN RAMBIN[/highlight_1][highlight_2]Los Angeles[/highlight_2]

Leven Rambin red hot roster.jpgbwFrom Houston to New York and now calling Los Angeles her home, she has accomplished more by the age of 16 than people twice her age. A well known teenage star for her role on daytime and evening television, she appeared recently in the The Hunger Games. This young Hollywood Starlette has been in the mix for nearly a decade and barely over the legal drinking age. On every list in New York and Los Angeles, she prefers to hang with her boyfriend enjoying fish tacos and light margaritas.


[highlight_1]VIKRAM CHATWAL[/highlight_1][highlight_2]New York[/highlight_2]

Vikram Chatwal red hot rosterThe words “Billionaire Bad Boy” come to mind when thinking of this native to India playboy turned rock star life New Yorker. He has all the tools for the party (even got arrested for carrying some on a plane recently) and his high profile life needs to be made into a movie. He used to wear a turban and drink water but now he wears sunglasses drinks vodka. Blame it on the Big Apple as he is just a victim of his good looks, inheritance and whispered to be the “Kama Sutra” expert (if only the walls in his various hotels around the world could talk). Is it karma or charisma?