She’s top of the food chain


Modeling, the essence of genetics and youth. One can be more powerful than the other at a certain point in time. Swimwear and lingerie modeling is a very special category in the modeling world. It captures the essence, raw beauty of beach and boudoir looks. Heating up fans in a very basic primordial instinctual manner. Ady Hawkins, a RED HOT blonde beach babe from Florida, has this gift.

Where are you from and what type of modeling would you classify yourself in?

“I was born and raised in a small beach town called Jupiter, Florida. I was discovered by an agent when I was in high school through mutual friends. Most of the work I do is swimwear, commercial or print. Living in Florida, bathing suit jobs are very common and most of my shoots are outside/on the beach!”

Favorite designers at the moment?

“Lately, I have been staying away from big brand designers and trying to shop local and online boutiques. I do A LOT of thrift shopping. Thrift stores have all the hidden gems. My closet right now is filled with mostly festival clothes since the festival season is sadly coming to an end.”

Your PERSONAL style of fashion?

“I would say my personal style is modern hippie chic”

Diet and exercise routine?

“I am vegetarian and try to avoid dairy as much as possible but ice cream and cheese are my weaknesses. I make sure to workout 3-4 days a week. Kickboxing is my favorite workout and gets me in the best shape.”

Favorite desserts?

“I love ALL deserts but my absolute favorite is probably an ice cream cookie sandwich.”

Favorite beverage, alcoholic or non alcoholic if your prefer?

Wine wine wine!  Especially white wine.”

Things you enjoy about modeling?

“The best part about modeling is constantly meeting new people, making new friends and connections, and seeing new places. It’s always something new and it’s hard to get bored. When the set you’re shooting at is unique it makes the job a lot more fun. If everyone around you has good energy then it does not feel like work at all. And of course, the payment is great.”

Aspects of modeling you don’t enjoy?

“I hate how long it takes to get paid sometimes. Right now I am waiting to get paid for some jobs I did 2-3 months ago. Of course you are going to come across some sleezy people in the industry but you just have to be a strong person, know yourself and love yourself. It’s easy to start comparing yourself to other girls at jobs and castings but you have to stay confident.

Hours of sleep per night?

“I love my sleep but I do not get enough of it! Im also a college student at UCF so a lot of my nights are spent up studying or going out late with friends before a 9 am class. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep but sometimes it ends up being around 5-6. No matter what I am up by 8 am, my body can’t sleep in. Its annoying!”

Your idea of a good model vs. a bad model?

“What I was surprised about when beginning modeling was that personality is very important in booking jobs. Clients love girls with a pretty face AND a good personality. I would say a good model is one that is engaging and tries to bond with everyone on set rather than just posing. Making it fun and energetic always makes the shots come out 10x better! Also, staying healthy is super important, eating right and eating enough. Finding a diet and workout routine that works for you individually. No ones bodies are the same so it’s crazy to think the same diet will work for everyone.”

First big job that made you feel like you are a real model?

“I did a commercial for Jeep in Miami. That was the first huge set I had been on where I was like ‘oh shit I am a model.'”

Brands, either fashion or commercial you have worked with?

“Fiat, J-slides, Coca-Cola, Acura, Burger King, Disney, Jeep,  Universal, Blackish, Exist USA etc.”

Notable publications?

“Yume Magazine.”

Future plans?

“I am currently an entertainment management major at University of Central Florida. My dream is to work in the music industry, I was not blessed with the talent of singing or playing an instrument but music is my absolute passion so I want to work around it. Hopefully managing festivals or working in a recording studio or something.”