London, where dream girls are real.

LONDON: Kensington

When one used to think of the United Kingdom they thought of girls with bad teeth, bad food and overall a boring place to visit.  In the past 20 years everything has changed and this stereotype couldn’t be more false.  London is packed with RED HOT venues, top chefs and some of the most gorgeous women on the planet.  Elle Dowling is one Londoner adding to the new British renaissance sweeping her homeland with her perfect features and sexy ginger color.  Born and bred in the UK, she is one of those rare beauties who never targeted a modeling career initially.

“I was born in London and originally wanted to go into banking, but accidentally got into modeling through a photographer friend while I was studying and never made it!”

Ellie Dowling 22 Ellie Dowling 21 Ellie Dowling 20Countries traveled to and favorite places to live/work?

“Ooh – tough! I’ve done some fun trips to places like Switzerland, Vienna and Mexico (which included many margaritas and a terrifying plane trip), but to work or live it would be Paris, New York or London.”

Ellie Dowling 12Favorite designers at the moment?

“Ideally the door of my wardrobe would open straight into the Saint Laurent and Chanel stores, with a side room of Altuzarra, Balmain and Tom Ford. In reality… I wear a lot of The Kooples, Paige Denim, Zara, Rag & Bone and black cashmere jumpers.”

Ellie Dowling 29Diet and exercise routine?

“I try and stick to the 80:20 rule of being healthy! I love cooking nutritious food and get a weekly organic vegetable box delivered. A typical breakfast would be eggs or greek yoghurt with fruit and a coffee or juice. Dinner might be anything from baked fish or chicken with vegetables, but on a naughty day – PIZZA!! Alcohol is also a frequent naughty food but we ignore that.”

Ellie Dowling 9 Ellie Dowling 3 Ellie Dowling 8“For exercise I have a whippet (dog) who runs like lightening so I take him to the park, play tennis, do pilates and walk around 3 miles a day.”

Ellie Dowling 14Favorite desserts?

“The pavlova at Granger and homemade banoffee pie!”

Ellie Dowling 34 Ellie Dowling 33Favorite beverage either alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

“Champagne or amaretto on the rocks.”

Ellie Dowling 17 Modeling favorites?

“Being able to travel and work with a bunch of the most creative, hilarious and sometimes bizarre people! I also enjoy the occasional 11am lie in..”

Ellie Dowling 37Modeling dislikes?

“It can be difficult for your social life because you never know what your schedule will be from day to day or where you will be. And sod’s law they always call you with an underwear casting when you’re eating an icecream!”

Ellie Dowling 35 Ellie Dowling 32Sleep habits?

“I LOVE SLEEP. I have been known to sleep for 14 hours. So yes it is very important. Especially for your skin and no one wants a grumpy model!”

Ellie Dowling 31Your opinion on what a good model vs. bad model is based on lifestyle and habits?

“As long as you look good, turn up on time and don’t accidentally set fire to something then I think you’re pretty much covered! I guess some no-nos which I hear of are being 3 hours late, drunk/high, chewing gum in hair, two sizes bigger than stated, or not turning up at all!”

Ellie Dowling 30First big job that made you feel like a real model?

“I guess my first shampoo ad was pretty special because of the money and because they built the entire set in a hangar and it was HUGE. I felt like a little ant. My face was also on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus for a beauty ad which was quite surreal!”

Ellie Dowling 16Fashion or commercial brands worked with?

“So many over the last few years it’s impossible to list them! Barbour was a fun one, we started off in pure white outfits and then got paintbombed, I was showering for days”

Ellie Dowling 13Notable publications/magazines featured in?

“Harpers Bazaar China, Schön, Style, S Magazine…”

Ellie Dowling 19Any plans for acting?

“I am thinking of taking classes – a casting director recently told me there is a shortage of natural ginger actresses! Assuming that fails I will go back to economics.”

Ellie Dowling 1 Ellie Dowling 2Quirkiest thing about you?

“One of my good friends at school was also ginger and we wanted to open a ginger shop to sell ginger things. Such as oranges, carrots, cinnamon.. Watch this space!”

Ellie Dowling 36 Ellie Dowling 28THE END