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LOS ANGELES: Venice Beach

When one says the words, “Brazilian Model”, most automatically know that words such as “hot” or “sexy” immediately follow.  Well we can add a few more like “beautiful, stunning and ooolala” when referring to this babe from Brazil.  Priscilla Ricart started modeling at the early age of 13 in Rio De Janeiro.

“I am originally from a city called Niterói which is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I always wanted to be a model since my earliest childhood and took acting & modeling classes.  When I was 11 years old I saw an ad in a magazine about a big agency in Rio – 40graus models, owned by Sergio Mattos.  I went to their workshop but was to young.  He asked me to come back in two years so I did and that’s how it started.”

priscilla-ricart-40Countries you have lived or worked in?

“I love traveling and I have been around Asia, based in China and Singapore.  I have also lived and worked in Milano for several years.  Currently I am in Miami.  I love learning about new cultures and places.  I love living and working in Miami but I can say the same for all the other places I have lived and worked before”

priscilla-ricart-20 priscilla-ricart-19 priscilla-ricart-21Favorite designers at the moment and personal style, sport? casual?

“Definitely Versace and Balmain. My style depends on where I am and the weather… here I am always in bikini haha.”

priscilla-ricart-11 priscilla-ricart-12 priscilla-ricart-10Diet and exercise routine?

“I love exercising, especially outside.  I am always at the gym, spinning, running, boot camp classes… I cant say I follow any specific diet because I love food.  However, I can say that I try to eat healthy and that’s most certainly always.  I love hiking and going to the beach.”

priscilla-ricart-13 priscilla-ricart-15Favorite desserts?

“Brazilian desserts… brigadeiro, pave, pudim, doce de leite… any good dessert.”

priscilla-ricart-16 priscilla-ricart-14Favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage?

“I am crazy about coconut water and wine.”

priscilla-ricart-39 priscilla-ricart-38Things you love about modeling?

“It’s being able to travel, meet different people from all around the world and discover amazing places.”

priscilla-ricart-37Things you dislike about modeling?

“I don’t have any complaints…”

priscilla-ricart-3Hours per night of sleep?

“I always sleep 8 hours per night at least.  Sleep is very important.”

priscilla-ricart-7 priscilla-ricart-8 priscilla-ricart-6 priscilla-ricart-5Your idea of a good model vs. a bad model?

“Having a healthy lifestyle.  Not going out to parties and drinking counts a lot in my routine.  I love to enjoy the day.”

priscilla-ricart-33 priscilla-ricart-30First big job that made you feel like a model?

“I guess it was one of my first jobs when I walked the runway…  It felt amazing.”

priscilla-ricart-36 priscilla-ricart-32Brands worked with?

“Most known are fashion shows I have done, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Luli Fama, Mister Triple X…”

priscilla-ricart-4Notable magazines or publications you have been in?

“Elle Paris, Trend Magazine, Talk Magazine, Regional, Jornal do Brasil, Caras, Fort Lauderdale Magazine, Werner Magazine, Marie Claire and many more…”

priscilla-ricart-4bAny acting plans?

“Perhaps in the future.  For now it’s modeling”

priscilla-ricart-26 priscilla-ricart-27 priscilla-ricart-28Anything quirky about you?

“I love to learn new languages… I am still learning Mandarin, French and Spanish.  I speak portuguese, Italian and English.  I love singing, even when I’m alone haha.  I think I’m a kind person, always smiling and saying hello to everyone.”

priscilla-ricart-2 priscilla-ricart-1