An American girl born in Germany who went from pushing over boys on the soccer field to walking Victoria’s Secret.

Rachel Zimmerman is not your average military brat. In fact, she is more of a tomboy rather than a spoiled daughter of high ranking brass (that’s military lingo for officer). She grew up playing soccer (and snowboarding, basketball, volleyball, softball, handball, the list goes on) and claims to have broken every bone in her “made for beach bikini body” as an avid striker. Bilingual, bi-continental and bi-talented in both sports and modeling, she is another rare bird flying from continent to continent successfully living out of her suitcase while booking those jobs every model wants.

Rachel Zimmerman+model zimmerman Rachel Zimmerman+modelIt’s difficult to conceive this “Angel” of beauty (she recently strutted down the catwalk at the Victoria’s Secret show) used to rough up the boys in her teenage years. But then again, standing at 5’9 at just 12 years of age might suggest future Olympic Volleyball or Basketball star to some and future supermodel to others. At least for the moment, it appears the others were right and that’s fortunate for her and her audience. Rachel started out with Next Model Management in New York. From there she was off to Hong Kong where fashion-business people (the ones who choose the best marketing tactics) began uploading her face onto magazine covers and bilboards around Asia. She was an instant “hit” in the Asian market.

Rachel-Zimmerman-5 Rachel Zimmerman+model

I asked Rachel about friendships while traveling so much and the boys she beat up on the soccer field as well as the ones she left behind in her love life or the other playing field:

“That is funny. I still push boys over on the soccer field, that will never change haha. Traveling as a young kid was tuff, but at a certain point I realized that this modeling opportunity was way cooler than sitting in a classroom. I missed my friends a lot but hey the massive amounts of amazingly crazy people you meet in the fashion industry on a daily basis made up for it. I could never keep a boyfriend because I was never around, which I am happy about and the internet made it easy to talk to friends. I was and still am kind of a loner. I enjoyed being by myself and exploring the world. It made me who I am today and gave me a tuff skin with the industry.”

Rachel Zimmerman+modelDieting:

“I have been on a no basic carb free diet for about 1.5 years now. I don’t eat any breads I switch them out for lettuce or other types of vegetables. It’s easier to maintain a healthy consistent weight this way. I also switch out any type of pastas and rice for grilled or raw veggies. To fix my sweet tooth I love ice cream when I am home but when I am on the road I always bring dark chocolate with sea salt with me from Lindt. A basic days menu for my household is; Morning – I love having a huge bowl of mixed berries with two hard boiled eggs and a glass of fat free organic milk. Lunch – I usually eat a large salad for lunch it’s light and doesn’t weigh me down or make me sluggish throughout a hard work day. I switch almost everyday what type of salad I eat to keep it interesting. Dinner – for dinner I have fish or grilled chicken breast with sides of organic veggies or a side of soup I prefer lentil or split pea.”

Rachel Zimmerman+modelBeauty:

“On a daily basis I have a crazy routine of skin care. I start out in the morning and night time with a daily face prep from the brand eclos following there face scrub. I love the youth code line from the brand L’oreal. I use the face eye serums from them and also there eye cream. For a day to day moisturizer I really enjoy the brand Refinee with SPF 15 in it since I am so fair skinned I am always using SPF ranging from 15 to 110. Since I travel so much also, so my skin gets very dry from harsh weather airports and altitudes. I always carry a bottle of rose water with my to spray on my face and let air dry on my face. It brings moisture and life back to my skin. I would recommend everyone to carry a small bottle with them the smell and cooling of the rose water is very refreshing especially after a long day in the office :)”

Rachel Zimmerman+modelExercise:

“Dieting and exercise are my least favorite thing to think about! I have been very athletic my entire life so when it’s time to kick some ass in the gym it’s game time. I try to work out at least an hour of cardio six days a week depending on my schedule if I am traveling or not. I don’t use any weights, just my own body weight for sit ups or crunches. I constantly want to lean out my body and tone not gain muscle. I do a variety of work out methods to stay in shape. The gym gets boring after the first five minutes so I go hiking a lot, swimming (is one of my favorites), also got on a new kick of bicycling.”

Rachel Zimmerman+model Rachel Zimmerman+model Rachel Zimmerman+modelIntimidated the boys, but how about the men?

“I never think I intimidate anyone since I look at myself a lot differently than people probably pursue me. I never really talk or lead with what I do. Man or women everyone has the outlook or our society persuaded the minds of how models are and we are all alike, supposedly. I look at myself as a clumsy dorky lanky blonde, as others can see me in many different lights. I have a very, very… sarcastic personality and joke about mostly everything which people may take in a wrong way but hey, there is nothing wrong with a little bit laughter in life. Everyone is too serious these days.”

Rachel Zimmerman+modelThe campaign that marked and made your career?

“I actually remember that moment very clearly. I just started modeling and a few months into the crazy adventure I booked Cesare Paciotti and was on set with 4 top models and one of the largest set crews still to this day. The shoot was in upper NY at this beautiful estate or manor and we had our own trailers which tripped me out. It didn’t hit me really until I received a copy of Italian Vogue and flipped though the pages of fashion and kept stumbling onto the campaign. Friends in Europe were sending me photos of billboards and tears from magazines. I remember being so excited and had this feeling of, ‘Oh shit…I am really modeling.'”

533064_10151284919546976_523146886_nPeople for you and people against you?

“I have had a ton of people in my life who have supported me and my crazy decisions. My parents always kept an opened mind about everything and let me do everything I dreamed. They were really supportive about modeling but I had to get all my school work done first was the only rule really. I have a ton of amazing and wonderful friends who have been by my side through thick and thin. Most of my friends are in the industry and we are each others biggest cheerleaders because this industry can be tuff here and there. Of course there are a ton of people who have the opposite feelings and don’t want to see anyone succeed. I try not to focus or allow non supporting people into my life, it gets too exhausting. I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to have these people around, doesn’t allow anyone to focus and aim for there goals to full potential.”

LNAP0209 LNAP0003 (2) Rachel Zimmerman+modelOff the top of your head, what are some of the jobs you can think of?

“Cesare Paciotti, Italian Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Nylon, Teen Vogue, GG, Paul Mitchell, Guess, Victoria’s Secret, Missoni, Fendi, Sketchers, L.A.M.B., John John, Sharp Magazine, Halston, Nordstrom, Chanel, Indah Swimwear, Allure Magazine, Seventeen, Henry Duarte, Tommy Hilfiger, Every client in Asia, Hale Bob, Abercrombie and Fitch, Linq, Uniqlo, Shape Magazine, Party Park, Voguette, Boston Magazine, Kohl’s, Recite Calendar Miss May, Target, Escada Flirt, that is all I can think of at the moment. For TV, I have worked on; Entourage, True Blood, Paul Mitchell and new Terrance Malik movie.”

LNAP9912 LNAP0299 LNAP0030Finally, music and travel, which cities are favored by you?

“I fu&$@;? Love music!!!! It has kept me company for many hours on my trips and my iPod has been on most continents with me dancing through the cities. I love oldies any where from Tom Petty, Journey, Zepplin, Queen, Johnny Cash, Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac, the list goes on for days. I also love the cheesy European house music since I grew up with it. I have to keep it in my roots haha. I love walking to castings listening to Tiesto, Cash Vertigo, Benni Benassi, Bassnectar……. Many more… This genre gives me a pep in my step and gives me a whole new confidence. I really just love all types of music depends on the mood I am in and where I am at. I do travel a lot and I try to make every place I go feel like home. Since I am always on the road, I keep up my routines that I would usually do at home to keep myself comfortable. It’s hard to be out of your element and pretend like you know where your going or what’s going on. I honestly feel great in every city I go to because I always do my research before and take extra precaution. Every city gives me a different feeling. Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, New York each place is so different.”

Rachel Zimmerman model