POLAROID 75th Year Anniversary

Polaroid Eyewear celebrates 75 years of passion and success at the Museum of Modern Art.Originally scheduled for October 30th but postponed due to the infamous hurricane that swept through the East Coast causing havoc.  Polaroid finally partied and seemed to get it just right.

Aimee Ruby, Joe Schildhorn Polaroid 75 year anniversaryAimee Ruby and Joe Schildhorn of BFA

Polaroid 75 year anniversary

Paul Joseph Luis Guvera Polaroid 75 year anniversaryPaul Joseph Luis Guvera on right

Leigh Lezark Polaroid 75 year anniversaryLeigh Lezark on left

The Misshapes with beautiful Leigh Lezark filled the MoMA with their swanky music.  No complaints as the champagne continued to flow and the crowd wanted to keep the Polaroid anniversary going even after the music stopped.

Polaroid 75 year anniversaryGuests

Indira Cesarine Polaroid 75 year anniversaryIndira Cesarine of XXXX Magazine and Untitled Magazine

Publisher Indira Cesarine seems to be popping up at the latest cool happenings around the globe.  She discretely personifies the word “jetsetter” and even furthers it to a higher level.

Elena Von Essen, Justin Ross Lee Polaroid 75 year anniversaryElena Von Essen and Justin Ross Lee of Pretentious Pocket

Speaking of jetsetter the infamous Justin Ross Lee who is rumored to have somewhere between 1 Million to 3 Million frequent flyer miles (time to purchase his own jet) due to his Monaco to Malaysia to South Africa to Brazil flights that keep his fans following him and dreaming they are him.  It’s a tough life being in the limelight.

Polaroid 75 year anniversaryAmbiance

Polaroid 75 year anniversary

Polaroid 75 year anniversary

Aimee Ruby, Joe Schildhorn, Polaroid 75 year anniversaryAimee Ruby and Joe Schildhorn of BFA