Russian venues are popular in New York, London and Los Angeles. But in Moscow, Georgian places are “IN”.

It’s different that is for sure. From the moment one walks in to this maisonette a thought of “who’s townhouse am I in right now?”, begins to flicker through the mind. It’s so comfortable all that is missing is a bedroom (I hear the rooms upstairs are for rent – boutique hotel). Already flooding with celebrities and notables, this Georgian – American fusion eatery seems to be on the right track.

Andrej Pejic, Rembrandt Duran, WALTER BAKER Holiday Party at PEPELA

Andrej Pejic, Rembrandt Duran, WALTER BAKER Holiday Party at PEPELA

Managing Partner, Aleksandra Gorvat mentioned, “We want to bring something different to the neighborhood. Everyone knows Russian food, Italian, French, etc., but bringing a different flavor is always a risk. We hope they will soon appreciate our Georgian-American cuisine.” I enjoyed (stuffed my face) the Georgian pizza or khachapuri with several glasses of Malbec (Forever Young Wine) the other evening that is for sure.

Aleksandra Gorvat, Pepela New Yorkk

Aleksandra Gorvat Managing Partner Pepela

So why Georgian? According to extensive research with my “comrades”, Georgian food is one of the most popular in Moscow. Similar to Italian food here in the USA as far as overall awareness.

Pepela New York salad food

Pepela New York

Erica Ferrari from CBS

Erica Ferrari from CBS

Andrej Pejic and Christopher Koulouris photo by Ken Lo

Christopher Koulouris and Andrej Pejic photo by Ken Lo

Pepela – 104 E. 30th St. New York, NY (212) 658-1115