MPD: French American Fusion is the Finest

People who run around the Meatpacking District of New York are familiar with “staple” restaurants such as Pastis or Standard Grille. MPD has been added to that list.

In recent years, some table dancing brunch spots popped up and created a bunch of noise and attracted the New Jersey/Brooklyn crowd seeking fun weekend activity (hey, if it works and pays the bills why not? Especially in this economy). But most people who have active lives during the week, working either 9 to 5 everyday or perhaps with various schedules, or going to social events nightly, “busy people” better defined as “New Yorkers” often look for quiet weekends with friends, great wine and great food. The answer? MPD seems to be providing that 7 days per week. With a celebrity roster of clientele from Los Angeles to London, this venue has changed over time.

MPD on the corner of Gansevoort and Washington Streets

With an ever increasing influx of businesses opening in the Meatpacking District from fashion designers, artists, models, entertainment professionals, movie production executives and neighbors, the fortunate make their way into the restaurant. The famous “Mayor of the Meatpacking”, Roberto Monticello, passes by and checks on the wine list. “I like the look of the place” and then he begins to tell me about which places are going up and which are going down. He provides the inside scoop for activity in the area.

Fashion designer Walter Baker and his team feast at MPD

Just the other evening Australia actor (aka Hollywood celebrity) Julian McMahon (also son of the late Sir William McMahon – former Australian Prime Minister and Lady Sonia McMahon) trotted into MPD with a group of aristocrats having fun. “Is this the place to have fun?” he asked the very attractive smiling hostess. Well, they appeared to have a blast. Julian is mainly known for his TV role in the series Nip Tuck and his character as Victor von Dooom in the Fantastic Four movie series.

French model Janelle (left) with Sports Illustrated South Africa model Shamone Jardim

Super model Kira Dikhtyar commented the other day “the food is unbelievable and I love the corner space. Such a nice place for people to come.” I couldn’t agree more. MPD has an 80% French wine list and every possible savory food combination, each complimenting the other (let’s face it, if it’s French-American you have a 50/50 chance on appreciating the menu. It just so happens that 100% is VERY good. The combination works – must be the amazing French wine list). Sophisticated crowd, fantastic wine and luscious food. It is un endroit de bon goût (place of good taste). As you can see below.

Wild King Salmon with Ratatouille & Red Pepper Coulis

Saffron Crusted Rack of Lamb with Baby Spinach, Turnip Purée, Rosemary Jus

Aged Goat Cheese Ravioli with Sun Dried Tomato, Niçoise Olive & Shaved Squash

Don’t forget dessert, Crème brûlée with espresso beans

Why not? I like going to the gym anyway – Chocolate Cake with pudding filling

It’s more difficult to photograph wine, but that can be used as an excuse to visit and sample a few glasses I guess. Wouldn’t you agree? Everyone seems to be having fun these days at MPD and they hope guests will continue to do so day after day, week after week. À bientôt.

Movie producer Mira Tzur (left), Janelle, Shamone Jardim & Antoine Verglas