Some would say Poland is the new arsenal of beauty with a heavy influx into the top and supermodel rankings.

We are too familiar with exotic and dream girl beauty from places like Brazil, Russia and Holland to name a few.  In recent years Poland has become a top contender in the world of modeling as scouts attempt to flood the fashion world with talent from the country.  Anna Maria Olbrycht is a living example of this beauty.  Although her father is from Argentina, she was born and bred in Warsaw when scouted inside a shopping mall at 17 years old.  Since then she has been traveling and booking jobs around the world.

“I have been several times to Tokyo, Paris, Milan, London, New York, Athens and Istanbul.  I have also been to China – Shenzhen and Hong Kong.  Since september 2012 until present I have been based in Paris.  The plans for 2014 are Milan, London, Miami, La, NYC, Tokyo and Paris.”

Anna Maria Olbrycht hotAnna Maria Olbrycht polish model Anna Maria Olbrycht model fashion Anna Maria Olbrycht model fashion topNotable brands and publications?

“I work a lot with L’Oreal Paris.  I shot for Numero Japan, Marie Claire and Elle Turkey, Glamour Magazine Greece, Poland, Cosmopolitan, Tu Style Italy, Bambi Magazine and many other different magazines from all around the world.”

Anna Maria Olbrycht fashion shot Anna Maria Olbrycht model high fashion photo Anna Maria Olbrycht high fashion Anna Maria Olbrycht tan model top blue Anna Maria Olbrycht sexy school girlDiet and exercise routine?

“I don’t follow any special diet.  I believe that we are what we eat, so I Just try to eat healthy, avoid chemicals, fast foods, eat a lot of greens and fruits.  I avoid carbohydrates from bread, pasta, rice, potatoes.  I’m not a strict vegetarian but I do limit the amount of meat that I eat.  I drink a lot of water and green tea.  I replace dairy products with soy milk, yogurts etc.  Why is it important?  As I said we are what we eat, so to feel good and healthy, to be in good condition, have beautiful hair, skin, shape we have to eat healthy.  Believe me or not, but I don’t really exercise.  From time to time I do some AB exercises.  I guess modeling life is so busy, stressful and fast that just running for the castings, working all day or traveling, changing climates and time zones is enough.”

Anna Maria Olbrycht top model gownAnna Maria Olbrycht top model redAnna Maria Olbrycht portrait modelModeling likes and dislikes?

“I love traveling, discovering new places, meeting new creative and really motivating people and working not only with fashion but also many artists.  I guess what I hate the most about modeling life is that I can’t plan anything in advance, everything happens and changes so fast.  I’m not sure of my plans for next day, or even a few hours before going to sleep the day before.”

Anna Maria Olbrycht model fashion campaign Anna Maria Olbrycht top model campaign Anna Maria Olbrycht top model blonde hairAnna Maria Olbrycht make up Anna Maria Olbrycht fashion model Anna Maria Olbrycht beautifulVideo work and other plans?

“I love acting and I always have a lot of fun shooting TV commercials or promotional videos.  I had some really small parts in episodes for a Polish TV series but nothing significant.  I still haven’t tried acting in a movie, but who knows what the future will bring me.  I would like to be involved in TV production in the future.  I also love music so I would like to try to DJ.”

Anna Maria Olbrycht model beautiful Anna Maria Olbrycht model beautiful bikni Anna Maria Obrycht backstageCharacter, uniqueness or something quirky?

“Hmm….. it’s maybe not quirky but I talk a lot!  And I’m really a spiritual, philosophical person and people can realize this when they speak with me.  what is so special about me?  I guess it is my quite unusual for international models height… I’m just 172cm (5’7)… so many people call me Polish Kate Moss, but I don’t deserve it yet haha.”

Anna Maria Olbrycht natural Anna Maria Olbrycht behind scenes model