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recently we caught up with the lovely looking wonder from down under, Leah Johnsen.  it seems more aussies are coming into the limelight in fashion and the modeling world, why?  partially because they seem to be carrying good genetics or perhaps there is something in the water on the island continent.  whatever the reason, leah is no exception as her good looks are being put to the fashion market currently.  having appeared already on a couple of television series in her native australia, she is receiving exposure that is key for growing her image in both modeling and film.
Leah-Johnsen-model-white-swim Leah-Johnsen-model-yellow Leah-Johnsen-model-pinkRHS asked leah how she began her career in modeling.
“I am from Melbourne Australia.  I was first 17 years old and my best friend dragged me along to try out for ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’.  I didn’t think I had a chance whatsoever.  However, I made it in the house and was able to have a taste of modelling and really enjoyed it.”
Leah-Johnsen-model-nude Leah-Johnsen-blue-swim-model Leah-Johnsen-model-eleganttraveled for modeling or lived?
“I have modelled mainly in Australia, so mainly Melbourne and Sydney.  I have also been lucky enough to model internationally in Asia and Singapore.  This year i’m setting the bar higher and trying my luck in USA.”
Leah-Johnsen-model-lingerieNotable brands worked with or magazines published in:
“After modelling for 6 years its really hard to keep track of where all my published.  I have had a few ads published in Vogue Australia which was very exciting.  I also had an 8 page spread in Madison Magazine.  Once again my memory is shocking.  I have worked for brands such as – Mimco, Sportsgirl, Kooaki, Intimo, Steven Khalil, to name a few…”
Leah-Johnsen-modelweekly diet to keep the body healthy:
“My diet is relatively healthy.  I like to eat lots of vegetables, meats, oats.  I don’t particular like bread and dairy. So I steer clear of those.  My stomach doesn’t agree with a lot of foods and especially deep fried oily foods.  So I generally eat fresh raw and healthy.”
Leah-Johnsen-portrait-modelWorkout routine, keeping the body in shape:
“I try to go to the gym as much as possible.  I don’t particularly like gyms, having to fight other people for the equipment.  I rather go for runs in summer in the outdoors.  I really enjoy circuit training and cardio work.”
Leah-Johnsen-model-swimsuitFavorite drinks:
“Completely obsessed with sparkling water. And always a red wine.”
Leah-Johnsen-Black-WhiteFavorite designer:
“I love tom ford”
Leah-Johnsen-model-gown Leah-Johnsen-model-perfume Leah-Johnsen-model-coatFavorite things about modeling:
“I love having a career where I get to be in different locations and getting to meet new people.  It’s never repetitive and there’s always something new to learn and experience.”
Leah-Johnsen-Project-Runway Leah-Johnsen-Project-Runway-Australia Leah-Johnsen-faceMore film work in the future?
“acting is my next goal.  I think it’s something I maybe really good at.  However I’m terrified and talking at a camera.  I’m not the type to get nervous or afraid, but I just seem to struggle with speaking into cameras.”
20130811- GO SEE PROJECT 10943 copy 20130811- GO SEE PROJECT 10791 copywe hope she finds some courage with tv & film cameras.  until then, audiences will have to be just be limited to her beauty on fashion and commercial ads.  yes it’s a rough life but somebody has to be beautiful and get paid for it.

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