LARZ Meets BLOGGER BABES: Giorgio Armani Makeup Line Review

LOS ANGELES: Beverly Hills

Where does blogging begin?  Before I ventured to LA, I contacted Heidi Nazarudin, the phenomenal writer, public speaker and genius behind ’Blogger Babes’, an exclusive association and support base for female bloggers. Heidi was a former investment banker in Tokyo, but left the scene, when she wasn’t satisfied in search of true happiness.  In order to indulge and discover her  meaning of life, she became a writer and founded her three blogs: HeidiandCo, The Plastic Princess and Two Girls in the Jungle.

armani make upBeauty meets Brains

Heidi dedicates her life to blogging and educating new bloggers, so that she may shed her light and inspire young girls like me.  A few days ago, I was given the opportunity to meet Heidi.  She is a true source of inspiration.  I ventured over to Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills with a group of other digital divas and fashionistas, to get a sneak peak into the fall Giorgio Armani Makeup line.  What I wore – TO BE ANNOUNCED… it’s a secret.

I got the BEAUTY SECRETS: Giorgio Armani

Armani make up larissa mayRED CARPET MUST HAVE: Luminous Silk Foundation

Giorgio Armani’s silk foundation is numba’ one on the market.  I was intrigued by the science and technology behind each product. Giorgio Armani uses microfilm technology, which allows the beauty babe to layer foundations, without the cakey and unprofessional look.

giorgio armani make upFeelin’ the Fabrics: Maestro

Giorgio Armani models each product off of a specific silk, so that it has the same type of feeling on your face.  The next foundation I was introduced to was the Maestro. Maestro has won 25 international awards, and is modeled after a super organza fabric, the lightest sheet of silk. Maestro is a very light and airy coverage, especially for girls like me, who prefer to wear minimal makeup. Armani is about to launch 6 more shades, which will bring the collection to 18 different shades!

larissa may giorgio armani make upFAVORITE FALL FINDS: KALEIDOSCOPE Connection

When I was younger, I loved Kaleidoscopes because each way you shifted the instrument you were able to see a different picture.  The pallet is easy to work with and allows you to transition day makeup to night makeup in a flash! All you have to do is move right to left in color, in order to transition from day to night.  The third color on the pallet is the deepest. All you have to do is add more of the third color under any eye to add a pop for a smokey look.

Larz Giorgio armani make upPop the LIPS

I was lucky enough to experience the Armani Lip Lacquer – shade 400.  This color of red adapts to any skin tone, which makes it so FAB.  No more fear of the red!

Stay tuned for my interview on scenester & a release of my outfit.

– Larz (Fashion Blogger, Writer, Stylist)