LADY GAGA Recommended Headwear: Mask, Hat, Tiara, Crown or Lobster

The hype of the anticipated fragrance launch party was stronger than its outcome. Conclusion? Lame at best.

Some journalists will try to spin on the Snow White effect and fame of how this was an interpretation of the pressure of fame. Yes, yes, yes, everyone was allowed to walk up to Lady Gaga and touch her hand. She was positioned on her side in a giant space capsul looking perfume bottle wearing black (which is the perfume’s color) with her hand extended. Black, I suppose, personified her as the product in the bottle to be sprayed around the public?

Marc Jacobs pays hommage to Lady Gaga

More over, it came off a bit “pompous” almost as if we, the crowd, were all paparazzi chasing her (hey, I was there because an attractive girl invited me and there was tons of champagne). And you know what? They actually did. “You can go and touch her if you like. It’s allowed. Anyone can go up there and reach in to touch her hand,” someone said in the crowd. Marc Jacbos was one of the first, but not the last. The evening predominantly consisted of this repetitive touching of her hand and waiting to see what was next. Well, there was nothing next.

Large screen upper left displays Lady Gaga in the large perfume bottle to the right

Lady Gaga on her side in the perfume bottle (click to enlarge)

This wasn’t exactly the most exciting event the Guggenheim has hosted. A number of people in the crowd were all rambling on and on about the same question, “when will she perform?” After about 45 minutes of dowsing my boredom with champagne over her dead sleeping beauty performance, I too was disappointed. To further the pain, a video clip was shown. The video gave me an opportunity to at least have a laugh by watching how everyone in the room was so intent on viewing the nouveau genre artist on the big screen (didn’t she MAKE her career by remixing old soundtracks anyway?)

Onlookers are in awe of Lady Gaga’s video

I think at one point I asked one of the multiple public relations coordinators, “Is there something more happening or is this it? I mean, is this what the entire night will consist of?” Her answer, “Yes, it’s kind of a different concept.” Well, at least one concept was not too different. Running into the beautiful supermodel Jessica Stam. Her vision of angelic beauty in the room certainly elevated my spirit.

Jessica Stam not wearing a lobster…

End of the evening concluded with goodie bags provided by Coty Inc., the makers of Lady Gaga’s new perfume. Let’s hope the next Gaga event will have a pulse. Although, the invite sounded very cool as a black tie masquerade with recommended headwear; mask, hat, tiara, crown or lobster.

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