A former Swedish TV star, model and now artist (still looks like a model/TV Star) reveals her views on life and what makes her successful.

Olinda Borggren is from Stockholm, Sweden and currently resides in Southern Spain. She quotes on her website;

“Things I love to do: Being naked, painting, taking pictures, travelling, using my body in weird and provocative ways, cooking and eating candy.”

She had my attention at being naked. From then on I was interested in discovering more about this Swedish multi-tasking beauty. She revealed some interesting paintings. I thought she was an art dealer, but when she pointed out that she created them herself, I realized then she was not just a hot model, but a true artist.

Photo by Patrick Castielle

I was impressed by her unfocussed positive energy or multi tasking in modeling, art and various other activities. It seems that this unfocussed way of living gives her the drive or ambition she needs. I personally like people who are unpredictable and exciting (provided they don’t bite). I was interested in her one characteristic or skill that kept all of her activity bundled or sewn together.

[highlight_1]”Strong intuition and good I am good at reading people. At least I think so lol. I am very natural and uninhibited. I don’t care what other people think, I just do what I enjoy doing and I do it 100%. My mother used to say, either you are completely crazy or you have balls of steel. I think it is a combo. Either you love me or you hate me, it has been like that my whole life.”[/highlight_1]


Olinda test shot

I asked Olinda what her inspiration is for composing her paintings:

[highlight_1]”My inspiration comes from life in general, movies, books, relationships, people, photos and fashion. I am an observer. It is an interesting and colorful world and I paint what I feel and see. You have both good and bad and you find the most basic human needs, like sex, religion, love, recognition, status, and excitement are all very interesting. Of course, my very close and intimate relationship with my fiancé, Patrick Castielle, has a major impact on my art too.”[/highlight_1]


Olinda surrounded by her art

Speaking of her future husband, I found it amazing that they actually met on television.

[highlight_1]”Yes, we did meet in TV, but we choose to move away from that life. I would love to be in a horror movie or a comedy. I really like to be the topless slut that dies in the first scene. Have you noticed it is always the slutty blond babe or the black guy that dies first, so unfair, because in real life we would be the ones surviving. It has always been my dream running around naked covered in blood screaming my ass off, being chased by monsters. I am a huge movie buff and a horror fan.”[/highlight_1]


I am certainly a fan of her running around topless. Not sure if the blonde or the black guy would survive if monsters were chasing them but hey, it’s Hollywood.

Feeling sexy

Olinda further discusses her art:

[highlight_1]”I have created all my art in my private studio on Costa Del Sol, Andalucia in the South of Spain in Picasso’s old regions. I am in the process of finishing up my first major collection “Hard Ass Candy” in these weeks and I have sold one piece to a private art collector from Asia. I am discussion with many different people, gallery owners, collectors and brokers from all over the world that are interested in representing or exhibiting my collection. I am very flattered and surprised by the huge interest from all these different countries that want to either buy, collaborate, or host me in their galleries as some pieces are not even for sale at any price. I am not a typical artist, coming from art school or a long line of famous painters. USA, Scandinavia, France, parts of Asia are some of my first destinations. I have not decided yet with who and where I will go. My art is very personal and who I work with is a very important decision for me. It must click and make sense and I do not want someone too pretentious and serious. Life is fun and quirky with a serious undertone, so is my art.”[/highlight_1]


Spoken like a true artist. She is carefree, elegant and serious overtones of happiness from life. It is inspirational just hearing the words from her as she continues to make her way to even greater achievement.

Taking a break from her painting

I asked Olinda what she liked and disliked about modeling:

[highlight_1]”I love traveling, meeting new people, wearing fabulous clothes and getting up to crazy shit. I am a wild child after all. Things I don’t like about modeling is how people that models like cattle and you must have thick skin because you are bound to be criticized by someone almost everyday. Sometimes you encounter self absorbed, mega superficial and narcissistic people in the fashion industry, who can be almost impossible to work with. Shooting winter clothes in the summer and lingerie in the winter can be a pain in the butt too. I do not like castings. I am blessed with direct bookings only these days. Thank God.”[/highlight_1]


With overpowering looks that intimidate women 10 years younger, she was given genetics by her parents but maintains her good looks through diet and exercise.

[highlight_1]”Ok, I am not a vegan, but maybe I should try it. I love food, cooking food, painting food, reading cookbooks, watching cooking shows, trying new restaurants. I like the variation of food and I think it is important to try everything once. I tried some really crazy things in Asia, like blowfish for example and hey I survived. It was not one of my favorite experiences. I like to mix it up, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. You should not deny yourself too much and I do love my burgers and fries every now and then, ok let’s be honest, at least once a week. I have a sweet tooth, as I do love candy, especially Swedish candy. I am not a big drinker of alcohol, two glasses of wine and I am shit faced, so I avoid that lol.”[/highlight_1]


Two glasses of wine and she is shit faced. A low tolerance for alcohol also means less intake and therefore less calories in the human body. Perhaps this is just another bonus which helps to keep her looking fit and feeling creative.

Incredible curves

[highlight_1]”I have done a lot of commercial work, fashion editorials, men’s magazines, jeans and sporty stuff, but now I do mostly campaigns and lingerie. I love provocative and sexy stuff, but it must be high fashion and remember I am not 16 anymore, now I am a dinosaur in the fashion world. But strangely enough now I have more requests and direct bookings than ever before. I have been blessed with great DNA, a fit body and good health. That helps a lot. AND I have a lot of personality. I don’t look like I am going to die from malnourishment any time soon. Hey thanks to all the celebs and famous 90’s top models. It seems like the demand for this look is more than ever before. I have faithful clients, lol.”[/highlight_1]



I asked Olinda to share something quirky about herself:

[highlight_1]”I am very outspoken, opinionated, adventurous and I do love walking around in my house absolutely naked and do all my house chores in the nude, as it is freaking hot, like a 100 degrees always in the South of Spain. I live in the now, and love trying new things, like a big kid. I get bored easily and love asking many questions. I am not a party person as I prefer friendly dinners and barbecues with friends. My old pagan Viking roots, makes my love fishing, boats and nature, (not naked though). I love the archipelago in the summer time.”[/highlight_1]


Full of energy, fun loving, and naturally sexy inside and out. Olinda Berggren is one of kind and will stick in your mind if you have the opportunity to meet her. Open and liberal with an old fashioned honesty that is lacking in society today, her energy is powerful and her message of life is clear and creative.

Below are some of Olinda’s paintings.