Global Kids Fashion Week A/W ’13

Women are part of it, Men are part of it, now children are part of it.  Yes, another fashion week.


Alex and Alexa, a children’s high end online retailer, have organized the first ever kids fashion week.  Technically it is more fashion days at is a two day event, March 19-20.  The show, located at Freemason’s Hall on 60 Great Queen St. London (close to Covent Garden) is destined to be a hit.  It’s really high fashion for children (scary to think they are becoming corrupted with labels at such a young age – blame their parents please) and surprisingly well organized (hey, Vogue and Getty Images covered it, so it must be good).  The question is, who will catch on to this cute bandwagon of capitalistic (greed) opportunity to create one in New York?

Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+1Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+2Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+3Yes it was that important

I hope the kids were paid at least in something more than ice cream or free clothes.  The show was a hit as some attendees mentioned.  How could it not be?  They are kids.  The audience?  Parents and press for this round.

Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+4Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+5Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+6Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+7Global Kids Fashion Week, could have just increased the expenses for parents in addition to grade school, high school and university tuition.  Once they go high end, they will find it difficult to turn to less than the best.  For retailers, creating a new buzz in a somewhat ignored age group will also generate a new revenue stream.  What’s next, designer diapers or perhaps a pet fashion show?

Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+8Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+9Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+10Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+11Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+12Although for children, the show was extremely well organized putting Miami and LA fashion week to shame (yes, they do have some sort of fashion week as well in those palm tree covered cities).

Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+13Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+14Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+15Global+Kids+Fashion+Week+Autumn+Winter 13+London+16The kids strutted down the catwalk in true model form and this will more than likely be the first of many more shows to follow.  We are not sure if Anna Wintour OBE caught wind of the new catwalk designs but the audience approved nevertheless.