SYDNEY: Australia

Perhaps one of the most unique and beautiful cities on the planet is Sydney, Australia. A sort of London meets Los Angeles vibe nestled away under the Asian tigers. It is a far cry from Western Europe and America but retains culture that is parallel to both. Some of the most important artists and stars in Hollywood, fashion and music have come out of the region over the last few decades. Cheyenne Tozzi is one of these important figures. She is a hybrid of beauty, art and society making her way uniquely in America and the world. We had the opportunity to catch up with the exotic model singer actress recently and find out what makes her tick.

model actor singer-cheyenne-tozziRHS asked Cheyenne how she began her modeling career:

“I was modeling ever since I remember myself. I did a couple of shootings when I was baby in Australia but it was nothing serious. I came to the United States with several friends from Australia just to visit. My mother also modeled when she was young, she was pretty successful as well. she had a contact with Miranda Kerr and Miranda Kerr introduced me with the Elite Model Agency owner’s son who also used to represent her. I met with Alfie Rossi in LA and my life changed. At the time, he was the agent of Bar Rafaeli, Candice Swanepoel, Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr, Alessandro Ambrosio and so on. When he said he liked my look and he could work with me, I was over the moon.”

Well that is certainly a great way to start out the business and not waste time. If one can start from the top, especially with her beauty, then the sky would seem the limit.

1002585_506066032823890_1526378596_n Cheyenne-Tozzi-Photographed-by-Adam-Flipp2-1200x782 Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model vanhoornSince that moment, her career sky rocketed and she began working with top designers, known publications (covers) and needed to relocate to New York. Some have seen her modeling work in Vogue, Bazaar, GQ and other publications.

“I’ve worked with a lot. Elite Agency always works with big brands and I’ve got a good chance to work with almost all big brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Pucci, D&G and list goes on.”
Cheyenne Tozzi yellow swimsuit model Cheyenne Tozzi swimwear Baku Cheyenne Tozzi swimwear Baku 2 Cheyenne Tozzi swimsuit model australia“I lived in many cities around the world. I’m from Sydney obviously but I’ve also lived in Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York, Milan, London and Paris for modeling. Basically I was signed in almost all fashion cities.”
Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model street scene 2 Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model legs Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model beach Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model 2“Modeling is my dream. I love traveling, photo shoots, looking pretty, wearing new clothes obviously. What I dislike is that most people have myths about modeling such as we have cruel diets or whatever, which I don’t. Girls are going to hate me but I don’t have a diet routine. I’m just very active, I don’t stay at home at all. I always find something to do and I just don’t eat very late, that’s all.”

Cheyenne_Tozzi_Wanted_Shoes_AW13_Campaign_07 Cheyenne_Tozzi_Wanted_Shoes_AW13_Campaign_08 Cheyenne_Tozzi_Wanted_Shoes_AW13_Campaign_06Cheyenne is well known in Australia for certain and has lived around the world primarily for modeling. With her more or less celebrity status, being in New York or in the USA in general, is a prime market for her to tackle. Already she has been linked to the new series THE FACE and has made numerous appearances on the hit series ENTOURAGE as well as GOSSIP GIRL. She is more than just a pretty face who has traveled with a few bags of clothes to take photos in designer skirts and shoes.

“Australia is good but the market is way bigger in United States. That’s why I like it. i actually love Europe as well. Milan is known as capital of fashion and I lived there for a while. I love Milan, Paris and New York. I also act. I was featured in several episodes of Entourage. I was also featured in Gossip Girl. acting is something I like as well. I want to model several more years and keep mixing in the acting at the same time. Let’s see what we can accomplish.”

bikin Cheyenne Tozzi model534311_502626233167870_1770342838_nWith every success story there comes the question of what that person is giving back to the community. For Cheyenne, she is involved in several charities. She isn’t putting in effort for a tax write off or because it will help her public image. In fact, she participates because she wants to give back. Having a privileged lifestyle affords her the time and means to become involved to spread awareness.

“I am actually involved with a lot charities but mostly, I want to mention childhood leukemia foundation. I love kids and we should always look to improve kids lives. I also encouraged my model friends to get involved with it. We had a charity event for ‘Childhood leukemia foundation’ in New York last year and I also modeled for that event. we were able to raise $1.7 million at the end of the day. I also want to thank Vice-President of Elite, Alfie Rossi, for donating $500,000. It was a huge help.”

969234_508990739198086_148677921_n 21392_166632406810291_1242820246_nSeemingly generous, global traveler with success in modeling, acting career on the rise and involved with causes sincerely. Anything we are missing? How about a music career as a singer?

Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model singer 3“Singing is also my passion, I’m just trying to give it to go. Let’s see where I will end up.”

Cheyenne is part of a group which she formed with Josh Mullane called, Van Hoorn. In addition she has other vocal works with Carl Kennedy and Ryan Leslie

Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model singer(Links to her vocal performances below)

A very talented young woman indeed. She not only has the look of an angel but possesses an angelic voice. A rarity amongst so many top and supermodels.

Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model singer 2Cheyenne sings with passion and possesses the “soulful” quality vocalists pursue a lifetime

1002299_453896598040834_1293771491_nTired or bashful?

Cheyenne admits with her travels and heavy work schedule, she can only allocate about one week per month to her music career at the moment. But she approaches it as with everything else which is with a confident “try it out and see if it goes somewhere” attitude.

Cheyenne Tozzi fashion model lingerieCheyenne is somewhat of a prodigy for the fashion industry with crossover into the entertainment world via music and acting. Her flexibility to move back and forth opens up a much broader windows of opportunity. Eyes are beginning to take notice of this young Aussie more and more each day.

Cheyenne Tozzi casual bikini model supermodelCasual day in the sun

beauty cheyenne-tozziAs Cheyenne moves forward with her already successful global career she will undoubtedly continue to challenge herself artistically or in the entertainment field we are certain. Gifted with exotic beauty, a soothing voice and common sense, she might one day have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.