Glamour, fashion, style and sense of what looks good. Today, it’s not just designers and celebrities who influence tomorrow’s look.

Reality TV, today the new celebrities are behind the scenes of supermodels, A-List actors, top designers, who have already achieved fame. If someone would have mentioned back in the 90’s that a fashion stylist, make up artist, hair stylist or some other behind the scenes professional would be a celebrity, it would have been crazy. However, we see Reality TV pushing through society and YouTube as it has become a powerful product, defining itself and continuously evolving. Reinventing the wheel with a smaller budget and less bureaucracy whilst achieving equal if not a greater public audience is real. It is real and is giving birth to new stars with hidden talents that become major celebrities themselves.

Sharie Manon, Glam Fairy hits the red carpet

One hot hair stylist who has benefitted in the 21st century from this trend is Sharie Manon. Born out West in Laramie, Wyoming, she made her way to New York in 2002. Today, she is a co-star of the series Glam Fairy. Wikipedia defines Glam Fairy as: “A reality television show where Alexa Prisco (Jerseylicious) uses her unique New Jersey style to provide women with makeovers.” Of course this is from Season 1 and we have yet to see this year what Season 2 brings to television. But what we do know is that Sharie Manon is a gifted hair stylist achieving celebrity status by sharing her talents on television.

“I always wanted to live in New York and that was my motivation to work in the fashion/beauty industry. My mother was also a very talented hairdresser and she encouraged me to take my craft to another level. Two years after getting my license I was training with the original US Tigi Art Team. (Bed Head products) I was a platform artist and Regional Education Director for them. I’m always looking for new outlets for myself and being on TV is a great promotional tool for me.”

Sharie draws inspiration from her mother, another gifted hair stylist (YouTube and Reality TV weren’t around for her mother’s generation), who helped to lay down a foundation for today’s Style Network star. If the average person were to look at Sharie’s professional resume, they wouldn’t understand much I suspect except that she has been styling hair professionally (high profile) for several years. But the most impressive key words they would understand would be; Reality TV Actress, Stylist, Grammy’s, Bravo TV, Style Network and celebrity.

Sharie Manon

TV is a great promotional tool for her. I would assume so considering her incredible body and very outgoing personality. Talent and skill can push an individual to a certain paramount in Hollywood and pseudo-Hollywood. Throw in hot looks to that recipe with charisma and the individual might just be a major celebrity for years to come. This outgoing mother of two isn’t shy about her health secrets.

“I do try to watch what I eat by not really eating processed foods of any kind and I don’t drink any sodas. Other than that I try to use common sense at restaurants and in the kitchen. I do a weakness for any kind of gummy candy. When I go to Dylan’s Candy Bar I can’t walk out with less than a $50 bag! I did spend 5 years as a professional freestyle snowboarder so my body was pretty buff at that time. Now really my only workout is chasing after my 2 little girls Taylor and Emerson. I love wine but if I’m going to have a mixed drink I love an espresso martini. It’s the perfect pick me up AND calm me down. The bonus is of course the caffeine. I truly have a caffeine addiction and don’t even think about trying to have a conversation with me before my first giant mug of coffee.”

Sexy Sharie Manon

Sharie has also appeared regularly on Style Network’s Jerseylicious, a Reality TV docusoap (documentary style soap opera, not purely factual television) that takes place in a salon in New Jersey. She has also hosted on several other media outlets covering events and interviewing notable celebrities. A busy woman with two children, two shows and media work on the side (must be the coffee that keeps her going). But like any other entrepreneur, having creative ADD somehow triggers focus and allows her to push forward successfully. Her next venture is a PR and events company which she created with co-star Victoria Doroshenko called JETTBLONDE. They already have traction and will continue to further it as their respective acting and professional careers move forward.

Sharie Manon glamming

Sharie Manon is living the American Dream. She is developing notable public awareness and has a rising career. She is positioned for some great things ahead. The most impressive aspect of her life in my opinion (I meet too many famous and fancy people) is her outgoing attitude and snowboarding skills. Ok, the overdosing at Dylan’s Candy Bar is impressive considering her modelesque figure. Check out the Glam Fairy this season.