Florenta Popa: Photos by Gabriel Hennessey & Pino Leone

Salut din România! That’s hello from Romania.  I hope we are going to see some lovely “hello’s” from this beauty in 2012.

Florenta Popa, just another beautiful babe from Bucharest? Having lived from Paris to Milan and back to Bucharest time and again (with ever demanding jobs in Istanbul, Madrid, London and Rome), she soon will make her way to New York.  Very kind girl (smokes the hookah) and is not one of these vegetarian type models.  The best thing about her (beyond her looks, I know it is difficult to see past that if you are a man) is a “no BS” attitude.

Test Shoot

Giving great face…

Wearing Laura Lazar

Model style looking HOT…

Wearing Laura Lazar

Working hard in Madrid…

Wearing Dallo Mardini

Wearing Femblu Beachwear