The hype is almost as good as the reality

PARIS: 4ème arrondissement

It’s not everyday people are surrounded by style and glamor with so called creme de la creme of fashion.  Etam has been doing fashion lingerie for 100 years, which means to say, “they are doing it right”.  The top brand held the top opening party for Paris Fashion Week 2016 without question.  Located in Le Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou (Centre Pompidou), they benchmarked what Paris fashion parties are all about.  Nouveau riche, mixed in with a few genuine people, tons of international attendees and even a few snobs and wanna be fashionista snobs.  One could not deny that it was everything a virgin to the fashion world would expect.  Was it a good party however?  Of course.  This European fashion house probably has been changing lives in the bedroom more than one could imagine for the past 100 years.

etam-100-james-goldstein-clemence-bouyer-antoine-verglas-parisJames F. Goldstein, Clemence Louise Marie Bouyer & Antoine Verglas

etam-100-ellen-von-unwerth-parisEllen Von Unwerth

etam-100-james-goldstein-linda-romanazzi-hedi-ferjani-parisJames F. Goldstein, Linda Romanazzi & Hedi Ferjani

etam-100-james-goldstein-vaid-mural-parisJames F. Goldstein & Vaida Mural

etam-100-paris-fashion-week etam-100-paris-fashion-week