A different spin on the Je Suis Charlie

Photos by Danny Cana

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood

Ok, let’s face it men.  You are probably never going to have this woman as your girlfriend, unless you are Tom Hardy (Tom, email me and I can arrange), because he gets all the women and is her all time favorite good looking actor, man hunk, Brit and ladies’ man.  That being said, she does have a soft spot for funny guys and people who are real.  Born in Gliwice, Poland and living now in Toronto, Canada – from cold to colder (but her eyes on Los Angeles soon).  She was discovered at the age of 15 by a model scout (but had the boys in her class looking at her since she was 12).  She has modeled around the world.  No model apartments and no riding buses whilst on the job.  It’s luxury hotels and black cars all included for her bookings.  We caught up with Charlie Riina recently and here’s what she had to say.

www.dannycana.comWhich magazines have you been in lately?

“Playboy numerous times.  The official title of Playmate in a few countries.  Covers of the USA and other countries in Europe for Playboy.  FHM a few times as well.  I was recently chosen from FHM and placed in an issue that only comes out once a year called, top 100 sexiest women of the world.  I was honoured to have been chosen for Canada.  I have done Maxim, GQ, Esquire, Lifestyle For Men (LFM) and others.”


Which brands or companies have you worked with?

138 water campaign!  Which is my favourite, just because I love the team I work with.  We always have such a blast shooting it and nothing but love and laughter together.  I’ve done Zeugari beach swim wear, Lazypants clothing brand, I mean the list goes on.  I have been in the business for years.  I was lucky that way as I am one of very few models who can be versatile.  I can do both glamour playboy style and well as fashion or editorial.


Where’s your favorite place to visit when shooting a campaign?

I love shooting in warm climates.  I would have to say Mexico.  I love the beaches, the beauty and the simplicity.  Southern Europe is good too.


Do you have any sort of diet and exercise routine to maintain your amazing body shape?

I honestly don’t diet at all haha.  I eat what I like. I’m not crazy about fast food so I don’t eat too much junk.  I try to eat healthy and organic, that’s about it. Also, I don’t really workout either haha.  I used to box.

Any bad habits such as smoking or lover of liquor?

I don’t drink alcohol or smoke.  No reason, just never got into it.  But my favorite beverages are fresh squeezed orange juice and tea.  I love tea.

What are your sleep habits?

I go to bed really early, I would say 9:30 or 10pm and I’m up around 7am.  I love my mornings!  I really enjoy them.


www.dannycana.comWho are your favorite designers?

Not into brand names.  I wear what I like.  Whether it’s Gucci or Forever 21 haha.  If I like it I will rock it!


www.dannycana.comWhat do you love about modeling and what annoys you about it?

I love modelling because to me, it’s a way to express myself.  When I shoot, I literally zone out.  I love to create.  I love the art behind it.  Some people do it for attention.  I actually don’t like the attention that comes with it, but that’s part of the job.  I love the art behind it.  It’s my happy place creating.  The most annoying part?  Getting stereotyped this happens to is a haha it’s very frustrating.


www.dannycana.comYou mentioned something about engaging in more acting roles?

Acting and film is another adventure I’ve recently dipped into.  When I first went to the studio I had my first acting coach put me through a few sessions.  I literally cried!  I was like, wow, this is where I belong.  I love everything about it, not just being in a feature film, but being able to learn so many different things while experiencing the art of acting.  It’s amazing.  You get to be so many things and you learn so much about yourself and about humankind.  You channel emotions which society makes you think are wrong to express.  It’s a beautiful experience.  Yes Hollywood is next.  I’m Working on a few things right now.   I am an artist and I belong with fellow artists who are also creating magic.


www.dannycana.comWhat are your passions other than modeling?

You mentioned skydive to me, haha.  Yes, I have skydived.  Horse back riding, I love it.  Reading, painting, playing chess and selling real estate. I like to do it all.



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