The Bourne Legacy Premiere Party: Star Studded & Stale

The Four Seasons Restaurant hosts some of the best parties in New York time and time again. NBC Universal filled it with stars also recently.

The Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner and co-starring Rachel Weisz & Edward Norton, brought out celebrities in full force.


Co-Star Edward Norton chatters it up

Edward Norton

Stacy Keach had a gander through the room, paying respects to Jeremy Renner – the main star. Conversative, full of food and full bar, the Hollywood networking scene was in full force. Demi Moore, looking quite attractive, didn’t want photos taken throughout the evening.

Demi Moore didn’t say no but asked where it was going

Stars left to right: Jeremy Renner, Demi Moore, Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

I only wish it was more amiable for camera shots. But the non Paparazzi premiere party couldn’t have been more tasteful. I suppose actors Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz were happy to not be photo trapped by cameras as they made their way to the celebrity packed tables.

Candle lit pool

The movie networking crowd & ambiance

High fashion model & actress Holly Kiser

High fashion model & actress Holly Kiser cruised in to The Bourne Legacy premiere and was happy to lend some good face for the camera so we could print up some beauty to this article (at least we had one clear photo). A bit of a quiet affair, an over crowded room of light drinkers (very light) concentrated on “who wasn’t taking photos” and made their way to the food tables (salmon was good). Demi was the first to depart as the cast stayed behind mingling with fans. Thank you NBC Universal.