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It seems that Australians are taking over the entertainment and art world these days, especially in New York and Los Angeles.  Amanda Griffith from Byron Bay, Australia (Gold Coast) is no exception.  This young beauty currently resides in Los Angeles and has been actively working between Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Hollywood.  Currently, she is represented by Next Models in LA and Chic Model Management in Sydney.

Amanda Griffith lingerieAmanda Griffith modelAmanda Griffith whiteamanda griffith side profileHow did your modeling career begin?

“I grew up in a small town inland of Byron Bay on the North Coast of NSW Australia, I was working in a homewares store when I was 14 and was approached by a small modelling agent in the area. I did a few things locally and was later signed with an agent in Brisbane/Sydney when I was 16.”

Amanda Griffith ChanelWhere have you traveled or lived for work?

“I have been based in Sydney, Australia for the past 3 years, but have also spent time in Tokyo and LA in-between. I have recently moved to LA.  I absolutely loved Tokyo it is such a vibrant city.  I haven’t been to Europe yet so I can’t wait to explore all of the cities there.  But I am sure no place would compare to Byron Bay where I grew up.  it is so incredible there.  every time I go back I still can’t help being in awe.”

amanda griffith black top amanda griffith black bikni amanda griffith black bikini topWhat does your diet look like weekly?

“I try to eat a healthy, balanced diet consisting of mainly vegetables, fruits and lean proteins.  However I try not to think of it as a ‘diet’ and more so a way of maintaining a healthy body which is such an important part of the job.  Balance and moderation is the key so I always allow myself to indulge now and then (chocolate is of course my biggest weakness!)  I feel listening to what your body wants and what makes you feel best is the right answer to any diet.”

Amanda Griffith portrait face Amanda Griffith white lingerie side And your exercise routine?

“I usually exercise around 4-5 times a week and like to alternate between running, spin and hikes for cardio.  I also use Yoga to tone, strengthen and also as my time out to breathe and re-set.  I use to live right near the beach in Sydney and was lucky enough to be able to run along the coastal track most days.  I miss that!”

AMANDA GRIFFITH fashion editorial AMANDA GRIFFITH fashionWhat are your likes and dislikes of modeling?

“I love working with a creative team and watching the end product come together.  I am studying Interior and Spatial design so I love having the chance to travel and see new locations and sets.  I think there is a general under-appreciation of the hard work that goes into working as a model.  many people have no idea the hours spent running and waiting around at castings/fittings and the pressure to maintain a strict lifestyle to be at our best.  It is also impossible to plan ahead! Which is frustrating for someone who likes to be so organised!”

AMANDA GRIFFITH fashion shoot AMANDA GRIFFITH fashion edit 2Being in Los Angeles, what are your thoughts on acting?

“Acting is definitely something I will hopefully branch into.  I am currently undertaking an acting course and have completed a presenting course back in Sydney.  I have been in a few commercials and music videos, but would love the opportunity to work on a film or television series.  For now I am just working hard on gaining as much experience as I can and we shall see what the future holds!”

Amanda Griffith bedroom AMANDA GRIFFITH fashion edit

Amanda Griffith + faceWhat type of music do you listen to?

“I love chilled, alternate music and find that’s what I’m listening to mostly.  Some of my favourites are Bon Iver, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Massive Attack and Radiohead.  Then I definitely have my alter ego that love’s listening to electronic, hip-hop and house – when I’m in the mood!”

amanda griffith beach

I am sure guys try to pick you up, what do they typically notice first?

“Hmm, I’d probably say my eyes.  I am always getting comments on how blue they are.  I don’t know what it is about the Wholefoods in LA in particular but for some reason every single time I’m in there someone tries their luck!  Usually beginning with something corny like ‘I saw you across the store and I know if I didn’t come over I would never see you again…’. Flattering all the same!”

Amanda Griffith 3 Amanda Griffith 1 Amanda Griffith 2Any advice for a younger girl or even younger sister going into the modeling business?

“I feel the biggest advice I could give anyone entering the business is to remain grounded and true to who you are, it would be a lie to say everyone doesn’t constantly compare themselves to the next girl, and the pressure to be a certain way and act a certain way can become soul destroying. So it’s important to surround yourself with a positive network and maintain a strong relationship and good communication with your agency. And most of all, with any career choice love what you do!”

amanda griffith red swimAmanda Griffith 4