BLOG: What & Where to Eat in New York

FOOD – similar to SEX, sometimes one can just NOT get enough of what tastes good.


[highlight_1] The best bites aren’t always at five star restaurants.  High quality doesn’t have to be high pricing.[/highlight_1]



[image_lightbox url=”” title=”MPD – Goat Cheese Ravioli” align=”left”]MPD - Goat Cheese Ravioli[/image_lightbox]


[image_lightbox url=”” title=”MPD – Salmon” align=”left”]MPD - Salmon[/image_lightbox]


[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Mari Vanna – Chilean Sea Bass ” align=”left”]Mari Vanna - Chilean Sea Bass [/image_lightbox]



[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Mari Vanna – Potatoes” align=”left”]Mari Vanna - Potatoes[/image_lightbox]


[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Mari Vanna – Cold Platter” align=”left”]Mari Vanna - Cold Platter[/image_lightbox]


[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Mari Vanna – Sunflower Seed Salad” align=”left”]Mari Vanna - Sunflower Seed Salad[/image_lightbox]


[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Balthazar – Linguine” align=”left”]Balthazar - Linguine[/image_lightbox]


[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Balthazar – Cheeseburger” align=”left”]Balthazar - Cheeseburger[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Mari Vanna – Chilean Sea Bass Baked” align=”left”]Mari Vanna - Chilean Sea Bass Baked[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”mPD – Thanksgiving Sandwich” align=”left”]mPD - Thanksgiving Sandwich[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”MPD – Tuna Nicoise Salad” align=”left”]MPD - Tuna Nicoise Salad[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Bowery Diner – Eggs, Bacon & Home Fries” align=”left”]Bowery Diner - Eggs, Bacon & Home Fries[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”MPD – Seafood Platter” align=”left”]MPD - Seafood Platter[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”MPD – Chocolate Cake” align=”left”]MPD - Chocolate Cake[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”MPD – Creme Brulee” align=”left”]MPD - Creme Brulee[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Pizza Roma – Margherita” align=”left”]Pizza Roma - Margherita[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Olives – Beet Ravioli” align=”left”]Olives - Beet Ravioli[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Olives – Roasted Cod” align=”left”]Olives - Roasted Cod[/image_lightbox]

[image_lightbox url=”” title=”Balthazar – Grilled Trout” align=”left”]Balthazar - Grilled Trout[/image_lightbox]