London calling and New York answering.  Sounds like a dangerously fun combination.

The British first started transporting their culture to America in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia and they never really stopped.  Over 400 years later, British Airways is still bringing them over in droves and we love how they fine tune our manners, etiquette and encourage us to drink our afternoon tea with biscuits (Spotted Dick and Toad in the Hole are my limits).  Their rock ‘n roll is legendary and somehow we still manage to steal all of their best actors.  It is not surprising we have such a great common bond (and language somewhat) to our once former mother country.  Celebrating British culture in Soho, New York, VISITBRITAIN and BRITISH AIRWAYS along with Grammy Award Winner Estelle and Dan Stevens of Downtown Abbey showed us once again that the Brits know how to throw a party.

Mila De Wit+The Big British InviteMila De Wit enjoying a British beverage

Maryna Linchuk+The Big British InviteSupermodel Maryna Linchuk and guest

Alexa Chung+The Big British InviteAlexa Chung

The evening was filled with British foods and spirits coupled with a multinational audience of those who appreciate British culture (not sure if the Chinese pot stickers are British, but the gin accompanying them certainly were).

Lady Liliana CavendishLady Liliana Cavendish

Donal Brophy+Brian McGrory+The Big British InviteDonal Brophy, guest and Brian McGrory

Scott Lipps+Mickey Boardman+The Big British InviteScott Lipps and Mickey Boardman

Ric Pipino+The Big British InviteRic Pipino gave a few words on British hairstyles to a guest

Dara Sowell+Julie Vacca+The Big British InviteDara Sowell and Julie Vacca of the fashion house Domenico Vacca

Melissa Montgomery+Alexandra Cronan+The Big British InviteMelissa Montgomery and Alexandra Cronan

Mazdack Rassi+The Big British InviteMazdack Rassi prepares for take off

And what would being British mean without some sort of reference to English gardens, tea and finger foods.  Didn’t they invent the garden party or is that a tea party?

The Big British InviteMickey Boardman+Michael Musto+The Big British InviteMickey Boardman (center) and Michael Musto (right) enjoying their tea party

The Big British Invite The Big British Invite The Big British Invite The Big British Invite

We can’t leave out punk rock culture.  Wasn’t it the fabulous 80’s that had the second largest British musical invasion on the shores of the USA?

The Big British InviteThe Big British Invite DSCN7937The Big British InviteEnglish DJ Chelsea Leyland went a little more for the hip hop vibe

Alexa Chung+The Big British Invite The Big British Invite The Big British Invite The Big British Invite The Big British Invite DSCN7966 DSCN7909 The Big British Invite DSCN7969 The Big British Invite The Big British Invite Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor+The Big British InviteAtlanta de Cadenet Taylor

The Big British Invite The Big British Invite It was a grand showcase or Bazaar of British culture and commerce right here in America.  A lot to digest in one evening filled with wine, gin, biscuits, tea, cheeses and desserts.