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If you know movies then the name Ben Hur should be a known title of Hollywood history.  A remake of the classic which originally starred Charlton Heston.  Jack Huston, Rodrigo Santoro, Nazanin Boniadi, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Pilou Asbaek and others attended the red carpet Los Angeles Hollywood premiere.  Ben Hur (2016) attracted generations of fans along Hollywood Boulevard who wanted to see not only their favorite celebrities up close, but a piece of Hollywood history with this remake.

Ben Hur, Movie Premiere, Jack Huston, Rodrigo Santorocelebrity cast – Sofia Black-D’Elia, Rodrigo Santoro, Jarreth J. Merz, Ayelet Zurer, Pilou Asbaek, Toby Kebbell, Roma Downey & Jack HustonBen Hur, Jack Huston, Shannan Click, movie premiereShannan Click & Jack Huston

Ben Hur, Rodrigo Santoro, Mel Franckowiak, LA, movie premiereMel Fronckowiak & Rodrigo Santoro

Ben Hur, movie premiere, red carpet, LA


“Judah Ben-Hur (Jack Huston) loses everything after his adopted brother Messala (Toby Kebbell), now an officer in the Roman army, returns to Jerusalem and accuses the young prince of treason. Stripped of his title and separated from his wife (Nazanin Boniadi) and family, Ben-Hur must endure years of slavery on a galley at sea. When fate brings the estranged brothers to an epic and deadly chariot race, Ben-Hur finally gets the chance to exact vengeance on the man who destroyed his life.

The film released August 19th and has already generated more than $11 million in box office sales according to Box Office Mojo (click to see financial sales of your favorite flicks).  Impressive considering the original Ben Hur had total sales of $74 million.  However, gas prices were .25 cents, movie tickets were $1, cost of a new car was $2,200 and ladies stockings were $1 buck (not sure if they were Wolford) back in 1959 when it was released.

Ben Hur, Rodrigo Santoro, after partyThe after party was held immediately nearby at a location that traditionally hosts these types affairs.  Which is to say, Hollywood has failed to put creativity into the actual celebration of the END or COMPLETION of film projects – which is the actual premiere.  How very disappointing to once again, and no offense to cast members – artists of this project, that Hollywood executives can’t allocate just a tad bit more capital and creativity for a classy after party.  For films that are immortalized digitally for generations to see, there should be events surrounding movies that are also memorable.  Alas, Hollywood non creatives continue to target free nightclubs and hotels for “cheap” alternatives, showing little gratitude for a completed project.