The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents the ninth annual Apollo Circle Benefit 2012.ย 

Funds raised will support The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s conservation departments.ย  It felt a bit like a highschool prom, but then again these black tie events always do dont they?ย  Not to mention, there is always plenty of dancing and drinks at highschool proms.ย  However, this soiree was for the patrons and supporters of the Met.

Barbara Fialho, Zen Sevastyanova, Emerson Barth & Flavia Lucini (IMG crew)

Lana Smith and company

Christian Russell

The lovely Lana Smith

Yan Assoun and Polina Proshkina (right)

Flavia Lucini

Flavia Lucini

Olga Knyazheva (right)

Alesia Sushko