Beautiful and bold.

LOS ANGELES: Silverlake

“I’ve always been an artist at heart. Since childhood I have been painting, drawing, taking photos, and creating in any way that I could. I always knew I wanted to do something with art in my life. As a child, I loved running around and capturing candid moments of my family. I always had a disposable camera at hand. As the years passed, I focused more on painting and drawing. It wasn’t until I moved back to my hometown, Eugene Oregon, to attend college that I started getting back into photography. The beautiful surroundings in Oregon inspired me and from then on I became hooked and couldn’t stop taking photos.”

Kayla Garvin 19 Kayla Garvin 40Are you inspired by any well known or not so known photographers?

“I look at other photographers’ work from time to time, but there isn’t one in particular that really stands out. I take inspiration from many. Each influences me in a different way and I take bits and pieces of what I like best and try to convey that in my own work. I like to observe a wide range of photography.”

Kayla Garvin 30 Kayla Garvin 28 Kayla Garvin 27Out of all the places you have traveled to and resided in, which place do you find most of the elements that make it easiest for you to simply shoot?

“Hands down, Oregon. That is where I re-discovered my passion for photography. The landscape is so breathtaking that it’s easy to become inspired and capture great shots. I used to live up in the hills surrounded by trees. It was magical and I would get lost in its beauty. I went out almost everyday walking through the woods and snapping shots. Whether it was at home or somewhere else in Oregon, I rarely found myself frustrated that I couldn’t snap at least one good shot. I liked the range of elements Oregon brought to the table. Whether it was rainy, snowing, foggy, or sunny, each brought something different and beautiful.”

Kayla Garvin 4 Kayla Garvin 2 Kayla Garvin 7 Kayla Garvin 3What do you like to shoot more, people, places or things?

“I like to shoot nature the most. However, I am definitely open to shooting other things. Nature is what I started shooting, I’ve never really tried to capture anything else. I think I would enjoy photographing people and places. It’s something I would like to try in the future and see where it goes. Maybe modeling will inspire me to get into fashion photography.”

Kayla Garvin face black white Kayla Garvin 38You look like a model.  You also model in many of your photos.  What do you think of the modeling industry?

“My sister has been modeling for years, so I have been somewhat familiar with it and may try to pursue it with my work. I think it can be difficult at times, but also a great way to gain confidence and put yourself out there. To me, it’s artistic. The way you convey yourself in front of the camera, the emotions you transfer, your movement, the message, the backdrop is the canvas and you are the subject matter. I remind myself of those things and try to not get caught up in other aspects of perceptions of the modeling world.”

Kayla Garvin 37 Kayla Garvin faceYou seem to be in great shape.  Do you have a regular diet and exercise routine?

“I don’t have a specific diet or exercise regimen that I follow. I’m naturally thin, but being healthy is important to me. I basically eat everything in moderation with an emphasis on high quality health food.”

Kayla Garvin 14 Kayla Garvin 15 Kayla Garvin 16 Kayla Garvin 12 Kayla Garvin 11What is your definition of beauty as a photographer and artist?

“Beauty can be interpreted in many ways. Being confident, different, expressive, unique, and yourself. Beauty is everywhere, sometimes it’s hard to notice. I like to think that I capture moments that most overlook and I can bring them into the light so everyone else can notice their beauty. If you look hard enough, you can find beauty in almost everything.”

Kayla Garvin 42 Kayla Garvin 41Anything quirky about you?

“Hmm, a few things people don’t know about me off the bat… I love to dance. When I loosen up, expect me to bust out some moves. I also enjoy decorating for the holidays and I’m obsessed with interior design.”

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