SALLY LINDGREN: More Than Swedish Beauty

If you are in Stockholm, you might have heard the name Sally Lindgren. She is a Miss Universe Sweden 1st runner up and a famous stylist.

Sally Lindgren started modeling at the age of 18. She comes from a long line of models (good genetics). I asked Sally what inspired her to enter into modeling and if she was happy being 1st runner up.


[highlight_1]”The main reason is because I have a lot of successful modeling history in my family. Both on my mother’s and father’s side. My mother was a model, so was my grandmother and my great-grandmother. Actually my great-grandmother, Sonja Lindgren, won over Greta Garbo but she chose love over Hollywood. And Greta Garbo was a 1st runner up like me.”[/highlight_1]


Let’s see, great-grandmother a MODEL, grandmother a MODEL and mother a MODEL. I guess this means she will have good looking kids?


Photo by Jimmy Håkansson – PennyWiseArt

Sally was asked to compete in the Miss Universe Sweden competition before, both in 2010 and 2011 but did not enter the competition.

[highlight_1]”Well the two years before I had some difficult times with my ex-boyfriend that lived in New York. So I wasn’t mentally in shape to enter this type of competition.”[/highlight_1]


Natural beauty

I was speaking to a few colleagues, trying to understand what the whole Miss Universe and Miss Universe Sweden (Miss Universe Organization – Donald Trump) competition was all about. They have so many rules and regulations. I then came to realize that the winner of Miss Sweden appeared to have breast implants and a tattoo. My understanding on this matter is that it’s not allowed. Not that I follow international beauty pageants, but I think a rule is a rule when it comes to these sort of details. I asked Sally what she thought of this particular topic.

[highlight_1]”Well I think it’s gonna be like a Swedish scandal for sending a miss universe candidate with tattoos and fake boobs to the world final.”[/highlight_1]


Personally, I have a feeling all of these pageants are somewhat “fixed” and they just want to produce the best looking shows possible – globally to appease viewers (my conspiracy theory). There was also a rumor floating around that someone anonymously emailed topless photos of one of the Swedish contestants in this years 2012 competition, in an attempt to discredit their eligibility. It is amazing what lengths some people will take to compete. Sally was shocked to hear about this, but not surprised as she believes many of the girls take the competition “very seriously”.


Sally Lindgren receiving her 1st runner up title

But Sally just doesn’t have good looks both on and off the camera. She has a day job, a career, something still in the artistic side of life and that keeps her busy. She is a hair stylist and very good one at that. A celebrity stylist (USA) can charge anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per celebrity per DAY + all travel expenses if required to do so. Especially lucrative when they style for fashion shows, magazines, commercials, campaigns, TV appearances, the list goes on and on… I asked her about future ambitions in America. She mentioned that she would love to come to New York and plans to in the next couple of months. However, her schedule is tight since she also manages a salon in Stockholm.

[highlight_1]”I’ve done a few fashion shows not any big ones. Some celebrities but there are actually no real Hollywood celebrities in Sweden in my meaning. Some celebrities are my friends as well. I competed in the hairdresser of the year 2011 and Stockholm Hair Open in 2008.”[/highlight_1]


Photo by Jimmy Håkansson – PennyWiseArt

Young, good looking, a long line of women modeling in her family. She must be a social star in the least, running around Stockholm (oh, she only drinks champagne when out, otherwise it’s orange juice all day long – obsessed).

Socially sexy and select

With natural looks, a cool Swedish accent (they kind of have that laid back lazy accent) and a bundle of happening friends to bounce around Europe with, Sally is having fun. I look forward to her New York arrival and catching up further.