Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.


RED HOT ROSTER, November, Mark WahlbergMark Robert Michael Wahlberg aka Marky Mark in his earlier rapper / modeling years is a prince of Hollywood.  He is so famous that a young actor named Adrian Grenier became famous just by playing out Mark Wahlberg’s real life character on the hit show Entourage.  Originally a Boston bad boy, he reformed his ways and has become one of the most sought after individuals in Hollywood both on screen and behind the production of projects.  He is top of the food chain.


SOPHIA LOREN / Los Angeles

Sofia Villani Scicolone is one of the few living legends from the golden era of Hollywood who still receives honors and recognition.  Her fame began decades before the Hollywood business of today existed.  Originally from Italy and residing all around the world, she possesses as much class and elegance as she does fame.  Hollywood royalty is the tip of the iceberg when discussing her name.  She is an icon who’s career has been recognized by at least four generations of people around the world.



RED HOT ROSTER, November, Oscar IsaacThe Guatemalan born American actor attended Juilliard School and it must have been worth every penny.  The newly sought after actor is quickly booking top films.  His kind persona and good looks represents a bit of the new Hollywood as his skills and attitude take him through a spectrum of opportunity.  Class, sophistication, intelligence and just “sharp”, he has almost too much going on.  We like his humble attitude and old fashioned demeanor.



RED HOT ROSTER, November, Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Shrader Lawrence is an actress who was destined to reach the top.  She has achieved much success in a short time and been at the center of media and tabloid publications along the fast jolt upward.  A great actress, she also is as kind as can be due to fans overwhelming her wherever she may be in public.  She has achieved “another level” of stardom and it’s apparent when she is swarmed by her peers in Hollywood, not just fans.  Top billed, young, good looks, talented and the center of any red carpet, her career is red hot.



RED HOT ROSTER, November, Sam ClaflinA good English gent is what some might say about Samuel George Claflin.  He is the type of celebrity that really appreciates his fans and enjoys giving back a few minutes of selfies for those who help make him famous.  Besides having a lovely wife (Laura Haddock) his career has been on the rise for the past several years proving that being “good” in Hollywood (and talented) does get an actor to higher places.  Women love his good looks but his wife has ownership of their eye candy.


HILARY SWANK / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER, November, Hilary SwankHilary Ann Swank is known for Boys Don’t Cray and Million Dollar Baby – both earned her Oscar awards.  An accomplished actress, she often limits her public appearances and falls into the category of “business as usual” actors.  Cordial and more of a real person, we don’t see her putting on a “show” in day to day public life like some of the modern trendy actors these days.  We admire her intelligence and slight “tough” nature.  We suspect the movie hits will keep coming for her.



RED HOT ROSTER, November, Ulrich Schmid MaybachOf course you recognize his name, Maybach, yes the car.  His great-grandfather Wilhelm Maybach founded the famous luxury car brand in Germany.  Today, Ulrich, a known philanthropist, real estate developer and entrepreneur is more the modern California version of his elders.  He is cool, conservative and everyone wants to meet him BEFORE they know his surname due to his charisma.  More American than German, he is no stranger to cheeseburgers.


OLGA LESNOVA / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER, November, Olga LesnovaOn the new side of Hollywood, she is proof that Russians are moving into movie production.  The fastest way to get to get to know people in the movie business is to write a check for a project.  This young beauty seems to be focused on great projects.  Quiet, intelligent, witty and with a nice accent, it’s easy to want to get to know her.  Guys, don’t get your hopes up or too close.  Boris the blade may come after you!  Actually, she’s a boss lady so that’s dangerous enough.