Exterior and inner beauty.

LONDON: South Kensington

Discovered recently on Instagram, Alice Peneaca has landed jobs that working models for years can only dream of.  From Romania originally, but spending more time on a plane, she has risen swiftly to the top in a short period.

“I’m from Romania and I was discovered by Paul Marciano, on Instagram, just a few months ago!”

Alice Peneaca, hot model Alice Peneaca, hot model 2 Alice Peneaca, hot model 4 Alice Peneaca, hot model 3Countries where you have lived or worked?

“I currently live in Lugano, Switzerland most of the time and Romania, but I’m working all over the world!  I think I would love to live in Los Angeles and New York, but only if I can bring my dog and my husband with me.”

Alice Peneaca 5 Alice Peneaca 4 Alice Peneaca 3 Diet and exercise routine?

“I’m on a ‘see food diet’ –  I see food and I eat it haha.  As for the exercise…  I’m doing pilates whenever I have time, trying to do as much as I can!”

Alice Peneaca 2 Alice PeneacaFavorite desserts?

“Fruits!  And I’m not joking haha.  I’m not that much into sweets.  I prefer fruits – and this has been since I was a child, which wasn’t that long ago hehe.  But don’t worry, fruits also have a lot of sweet tasting natural sugar.”

Alice Peneaca 18 Alice Peneaca 17Favorite alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage?

“I’m a non alcoholic person, no smoking either!  However, I do drink too much coca cola!”

Alice Peneaca 24 Alice Peneaca 23 Alice Peneaca 22 Alice Peneaca 21 Alice Peneaca 20 Alice Peneaca 19 Alice Peneaca 25Things you enjoy about modeling?

“One of the best parts of being a model, besides being treated like a queen, is learning a lot about how to do your hair/makeup/styling etc.  Another thing that is great is almost at every shoot I receive ‘a gift’ from the stylist/designer for being such a good girl.  Usually clothes, bags, shoes or any other little thing I want the most!”

Alice Peneaca 7Dislikes about the modeling business?

“I can’t tell that if I don’t like something yet, as I’m new to the business.  I have not had any negative experiences.  The only thing that may be…  let’s say ‘hard’ is to wake up early in the morning…  I’m definitely not a morning person.”

Alice Peneaca 9Sleeping habits?

“Sleep is very important for me and not only for when I’m working.  I try to sleep 7-8 hours per night and if I have time during the day, I love to take a power nap.”

Alice Peneaca 8Your idea of a good model vs. a bad model based on lifestyle, habits and day to day living?

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as good or bad.  It depends on how you see or feel things.  You decide what is good or bad for you and your body.  And you learn it continually, because you grow continually so you’re always adapting.”

Alice Peneaca 27First big job that made you feel like a model?

“Guess Lingerie (Fall ’15) is the first big job I’ve done.  That was followed by the Guess Accessories campaign (also Fall ’15), which I did one month later!  I guess this is what you call ‘lucky star’…  and I’m very thankful!  I can’t believe I’m now admiring my photos on billboards, shops and magazines all over the world!  It’s a dream come true!”

Alice Peneaca 29 Alice Peneaca 30 Alice Peneaca 6Notable magazines and publications you have been in?

“Lots of them…  a lot from Romania – The One, Viva Magazine, Glamour Romania but also Glamour Italy, Vogue Portugal, Linea Intima, TeenVogue etc.  My first job ever was an editorial made by the L’Oreal team from Romania for Elle magazine.  I also did an Elle cover with Vincent Peters, June 2015 issue.”

Alice Peneaca 12Alice Peneaca 11Alice Peneaca 26Any plans for acting in the future or at present?

“I did a short movie two years ago.  I have done lot of advertising video clips and I’m also acting in a movie called ‘Pioneer’s Palace’ that had an international premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.  It will be out this Fall.  And of course, I’m looking forward for the next one!”

Alice Peneaca 16Anything quirky or unknown about you?

“I did more than 10 years of ballet and I also represented Romania at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.  But this was before I started modeling!  I’m trying now to learn how to cook.  I’ve successfully passed the level with salads, which has allowed me to move on from…  home delivery haha.”

Alice Peneaca 14