Human nature or the animalism of the human species is fairly simple.

Humans, we want long lives, a healthy family, a good lifestyle and someone(s) of the opposite sex (most of us) to be around who we find incredibly attractive (I have yet to see a brain out of a cat scan and in high heels that appeals to me). Guys, fundamentally are similar creatures no matter the variation of one who shaves closer or acts “politer”, even perhaps seems more genuine-honest or is a complete marauder across the board. All men, in general, want almost the same thing. They want what is known to be “beauty in the eye of the beholder”. In layman’s terms, HOT WOMEN.

The Beach Boys wrote a song several decades ago, “WISH THEY ALL COULD BE CALIFORNIA GIRLS”, which tries to define and classify what men want through lyrical interpretation. The Rolling Stones did the same with their “SOME GIRLS” classic. The first definition of Woo from Google is: “Try to gain the love of (someone, typically a woman), esp. with a view to marriage.”– Of course in today’s world it means into the boudoir and then perhaps the rest. So men woo and the wooing is done across the board from every race, height, educational level, financial level and disposition of his life. It can begin skin deep and often does begin that way. The law of physical attraction, physical like is attracted to physical like. After all, no one that I know has the ability to read someone’s thoughts or can foresee the future of another by looking into a crystal ball. It begins with the exterior, because that is all we know in the beginning (unless a man has hours and hours of free time to stalk, I mean research the woman who he is interested in) and sometimes until the end.

Half the man’s age +7 years is generally the unspoken rule (in retirement cities, such as Miami, it is generally half the man’s age -7 years, which is great for Grandfathers). The young beautiful woman is what men from every intellectual, socio-economic, cultural background desires, even more so as a single man. Some even desire it during marriage (which could lead to divorce-unless the entire mistress scenario is glossed over by both parties). Society plays and preys on the concern for women to remain youthful, fresh, slender, in shape, the perfect vision of a lady eating only sushi, fresh juices and on occasion a glass of champagne (which makes her feel guilty and forces her to do Pilates for three hours). As she becomes older the plastic surgeon is or can be the best friend opposite her hair colourist and trainer. Why? Partly because she feels the social walls and judgments surrounding her (especially if single-but this is another topic) and partially because it is WHAT MEN LIKE. It is acceptable for women to strive to be more beautiful, to enhance their finest physical qualities and dazzle or stun the male gender visually in hopes of gaining loyalty and affection. Yes, that is an acceptable practice, ingrained into every human corner of the known world.

How old are you? Don’t you know it’s not polite to ask a lady that question? So what’s the window? Some might argue that if a woman isn’t settled in marriage with a child by the time she is 30 then it could be her prospects are vanishing. But as they say, “30 is the new 20”, so perhaps that could offer another perception. As a man, I looke at myself in the mirror on a few occasions a day. I glance when I wake up in the morning to brush my teeth (and to apply my Rogaine-yes I’m vain for what hair I have), again when I shave (which is not every day), before I go out in the evening (ok, so I go out 4 to 5 nights per week, it is part of my job) and then again before I go to sleep as I brush my teeth (and apply more Rogaine – it works). I rarely look at myself throughout the day. True story, it was my freshman year of University and I was running late to my logic class (I’m still not a morning person, but very logical). I was going through my notes when a girl behind me (with large breasts) tapped me on my shoulder. “You have white foam on your neck,” she said (they didn’t have Rogaine foam then and I wouldn’t put that on my neck). As I wiped it off with my finger I realized it was shaving cream. It appeared I had forgotten to take a look at the mirror twice that morning whilst shaving. I have always been a stickler for personal hygiene and not so much personal appearance. Wonder if that is a gender thing? I think most men would be turned off by a beautiful woman with poor personal hygiene or sloppy behaviour. It puts that fear factor in men’s minds.

And then there is packaging. Guys are suckers for packaging, especially if the woman has an incredible body and the sense of style to go with that God given (or lengthy workout driven) body. Sense of style often is a benefit of a larger cosmopolitan city such as New York, London, Paris or Berlin. It’s kind of like going to a bakery and looking for something sweet. The cookies are always round, plain and delicious. They have the right flavour most of the time and visually look very appealing. So that is often a good choice. But then there is the cupcake section. Perfectly shaped and decorated with a smooth frosting, sprinkles and perhaps a cherry on top (no pun intended). Both are satisfying having equal sugar distribution and fulfilling effects. But the decorated, more time invested dessert may visually catch the eyes and taste buds of the man. This isn’t to say men don’t enjoy meeting women in hot zones where little clothing is required (could be raw cookie dough or at least whip cream?) It is always a pleasure to encounter a woman in an almost unclothed raw form. After all, in the most intimate of time between both genders I am not quite sure if the main topic or focus would be the cut of the dress she is wearing, her high heels or which bag she has over her shoulder (although high heels do come in handy in the boudoir). “Honey, can you wear your Hermes bag to bed? It turns me on so much!”

Wait, you mean she likes to do what in public? Yes, a true turn on is a girl who has the confidence and elegance to show her affection to her beau chevalier in public. I mean, is there really any secret as to what goes on behind closed doors in the chambers of lust and hedonism? Nothing turns a man off more than a woman who doesn’t want to show some sexual affection whilst surrounded by the general public or friends. In fact, I would gather most men would run from a woman who slaps the hand or pushes him away while he goes for a bit of affection from her. Men, we are a volcano of testosterone ready to go anytime, any place and during almost any scenario. It’s cold and boring here, let’s have sex. It’s too hot and we have to be at the airport in 3 hours, ok let’s have sex. The movie doesn’t start for another 2 hours, ok let’s have sex. I am tired from shopping all day and driving all over the city, ok so relax a bit and let’s have sex. I’m drunk, ok let’s have sex!!! A giant asteroid is hurling its way towards the Earth and we are all going to be blown to bits in 48 hours, OK LET’S HAVE SEX!!!!!

Disclaimer. I don’t want to give an incorrect impression of what men like. Every individual can not be lumped into the pot of generalization and cooked the same way. Every fetish or desire is an individual or personal choice for each man. What I am conveying is the point that a majority of these choices often start with a visual introduction or attraction. Depending on the man, each law of attraction has the potential to develop or grow in different ways. It can be built on initial attraction or evolve to undiscovered attractions (maybe the brain does look good in high heels). So an appropriate phrase might be, “whatever floats your boat.” But make no mistake; a man is looking to float his boat. Some are gentlemen, some pretend to be gentlemen, some become gentlemen and many will never be gentlemen. But regardless of these nuances, the direction of men tends to be sailing the same way (towards an island full of naked, fit, beautiful women and they are the only man for 100 miles, wait, that’s my dream). Regardless of manners, etiquette and morality, men don’t change their inner desire that was sparked early in adolescence. Some may suppress it (monogamy – aka slow death), some like to stress it (known baller-womanizer), others may even dress it (dirty dog in disguise). Ultimately, men love for women to caress it (she likes animals, amazing). The End…