MEGAN MOHR: Photos Provided by Caleb White

Washington State graces her beauty upon the star of the West Coast, Los Angeles.

The CITY OF ANGELS has never looked so good as it does in the past few years.  Megan Mohr, a Washington State native who moved to Los Angeles in 2011 (still a West Coaster) adds additional beauty to her fellow Los Angelinos.

[highlight_2]My modeling career started in Los Angeles.  I moved from Graham, a small town in Washington State, in the summer of 2011 to California.[/highlight_2]

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“When I was younger I always dreamt of becoming a police officer or a doctor.  Being the awkward girl, who was too tall for my age, I never thought I would become a model.  I constantly got teased for my gap, my height, and being skinny.  But my so called ‘weaknesses’ turned into my strengths.  My days as a young girl consisted of riding horses, feeding chickens, and just being outside in general.  My whole life changed once I moved to California and got into the modeling industry.  My days went from waking up and going to school, to waking up and going to castings or jobs.  I’m not complaining I absolutely LOVE it.  Accomplishments for me are happening on a weekly basis.  I signed with one of the best managers around, Caleb White.  He signs me with top agencies and always has me meeting with people I would have only dreamed about meeting before.  Anytime I look at a picture of myself in an ad it feels like a big accomplishment, no matter how small the job.  I never look at anything as a setback.  Only as one door closing and another one opening.  My motto is:  ‘there is no try, only do.'”

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Having just recently entered the modeling industry, she has already formed some ideas about it and shared them with us:

[highlight_2]I have to say the thing I love the most about this business is the wide variety of people I get to meet.  I have met so many amazing friends along the way and I can’t wait to meet more.  Something I don’t look forward to are the insane call times.  I’m not really a morning person!!![/highlight_2]

megan mohr 15megan mohr 10megan mohr 3megan mohr 8How does this young beauty take care of herself and what’s her diet routine?

[highlight_2]Every morning when I wake up I start my day off with a nice breakfast.  Usually consisting of oats and fresh fruit.  I stay away from processed and overly salty food, they tend to cause bloating.   I then either go for a run, yoga, or pilates.  What I eat through the day consists of protein and vegetables, not over indulging.  Twice a week I also try to hit the heavy bag for a nice stress relieving kick boxing session!  Due to my age I can’t legally drink alcohol, but my go to is just plain water.  For a pick me up I love natural juice![/highlight_2]

Too bad she is missing a good glass of wine with dinner.  Even in the UK (legal drinking age of 18) minors who are 17 are allowed to have a glass of wine with dinner.  Guess she will have to stick to the juice for now.

megan mohr 14megan mohr 7megan mohr 19Some of Megan’s most notable campaigns are:  NCLA, Eufora and Fernanda which she just finished up in Japan.

[highlight_2]I have to say one of my favorite jobs so far was shooting a commercial for El Corte Ingles, a Spanish department store.  The crew was amazing and so much fun to work with!  Another one of my favorites is working with Brigade LA.  It’s always a treat. The people there are some of the kindest, most fun people to work with.  Anything that lets me be goofy and have fun is always a plus![/highlight_2]

megan mohr 6megan mohr 21megan mohr 20The model is part of the equation, as Megan pointed out.  Behind the model there are photgraphers, make up artists and stylists that really bring the entire portrait together.  I was curious if Megan had any “behind the scene” people that have made her feel comfortable to work with these past couple of years.

[highlight_2]There are so many, but here are a few.  Bill Jones and John Schell, makeup artists Maira Gomez and Katie Polistena, stylists Cara Bloom and BruXley Style.  Every time I work with them they make me feel so comfortable.  They are the most laid back and kind people I know.  They have also helped me to grow so much.  Thank you guys![/highlight_2]

megan mohr 17megan mohr 4[highlight_2]I love quirky comedy movies like Zoolander, Step Brothers, Bubble Boy etc.  I love listening to 80’s hair bands and oldies.  I’m a total smart alec and goofball and I love pranking people.  I’m deathly afraid of clowns… Especially Steven Kings “IT”.[/highlight_2]

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