CNNCTD at Le Baron

CNNCTD threw a launch event celebrating their participation in New York’s SCOPE Art Show.

CNNCTD is a talented group of artistic people that create a variety of different artsy work.  Anything that requires visual stimulation can be under their umbrella of products.  CNNCTD writes their services as being in “Digital – Creative – Visual – Content” – if that can be categorized.  I assume the group does not like to be labeled or categorized.  After all, which artists do?  The group writes this on their site:

Who are we?

We are a group of creatives who never had a box to think outside of.
We are a diverse and dedicated New York City team known for getting shit done.
We didn’t start with a job, a direction or a reputation.
We started with ideas, courage and a vision.
We created our own opportunities.

We thrive on the undefined connections that make things interesting. If you have a crazy idea, a passion, or a unique way of operating, we’d love to work with you. And keep an eye out for our next event. We’re always looking for ways to bring together NYC’s up-and-comers, idea generators, soon-to-be names, already-made-its, and you-want-to-meet-thems.

To the point and written from the minds and hands of creative souls.  Le Baron hosted CNNCTD’s celebration for SCOPE and they certainly “got shit done” that night.


To find out more about CNNCTD visit their site: