Brasserie PUSHKIN: Tea Time

From Moscow to New York, the Pushkin brand is synonymous with opulence, formal service and design aesthetics.

Brasserie Pushkin opened in New York City during the first quarter of the 2012. It was a quiet opening to the public with no traditional New York flashy “we are here” week of parties filled with free food and drinks. It is known amongst the Russian and pseudo-Russian populace of New York to be one of the finer establishments. More recently, it appears to be the midtown location for late afternoon tea filled with desserts, models and the occasional cocktail.

Top Model Irina Sumbaeva from Belarus enjoys Russian tea

Besides possessing a carefully thought out menu and tucked away high end location in Midtown, which would make it an ideal destination for business meetings, it offers a sense of privacy for patrons. Many restaurants have customer upon customer piled up on top of one other whereby conversations and proximity to other guests becomes almost intrusive. Brasserie Pushkin offers luxury seating and prompt service (even if you only want to order fancy desserts and gawk at models).

Fancy chocolate dessert at Brasserie Pushkin

Supermodel Kira Dikhtyar demonstrates the proper way to enjoy a fancy dessert

Posh seating and a wide array of sweets aren’t the only attraction. The menu offers an intelligent pre-theatre menu from 5pm to 6:45pm Monday through Sunday. It’s a nice benefit being close to the theatre district. However, midtown isn’t known to be the epicenter of Knightlife as downtown still holds that title. But a little elegant diversity on 57th Street is a relief opposed to the corporate whisky & wine drinking (9 to 5’ers love those mixed drinks also don’t they?) mock French, Japanese and Italian restaurant-bars.

Every model needs a sugar rush once in a while

Brasserie Pushkin is here to stay with rumors of a second sister location (not sure if it will also be Russian themed) to open in the Meatpacking District. The Russians have invaded with investment capital and supermodels, a much different type of frontal assault compared to the days of the Cold War.


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