ALEJANDRA CATA: Photos by Kevin Sinclair

A stunning angel from Santo Domingo making all the right moves in New York’s modeling industry.

Alejandra Cata is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic originally but now resides in New York City amongst her other top and supermodel peers.

[highlight_1]”I began modeling in the Dominican Republic, as Sandro Guzman and Joselo Franjul took me under their wing long before they had started their agency Ossygeno Model Management which subsequently discovered Dominican models like Rose Cordero, Nairobi Matos, Yaris Cedano, and Rosa Gough.  In the first year I won the International Female Model Competition in Aruba.  Shortly after that, the coordinator of the Ford “Supermodel of the World” show approached me.  She suggested that I fly to NY and sign with the Ford Model Agency.  At the same time, I was also approached by a casting director at a café in the Dominican Republic, she cast me for a story about the Dominican Republic shot by Bruce Weber for W.”[/highlight_1]

ALejandraLingerie_Shot05_01Alejandra has a look that makes every man want to go to bed early


[highlight_1]”I have lived and worked in the Dominican Republic, New York, Paris, Australia, Greece, Barcelona and Japan.  I have modeled in Canada, Hawaii, Jamaica, Aruba, Italy, Virgin Gorda, Mexico, Morocco, The Seychelles and all throughout the United States.”[/highlight_1]

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[highlight_1]”My favorite aspects of modeling are working with a great team and creating beautiful images, traveling to beautiful remote locations.What I dread most is working with inexperienced and unprofessional people.”[/highlight_1]

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[highlight_1]”I believe you are a reflection of your choices; therefore I try to eat foods that make your skin, hair and body beautiful.  I eat as much organic fresh produce, healthy grains and lean meats/fish as possible.  I generally don’t eat anything that is fried, empty carbs like white breads or pasta, unless it is really incredible and worth it.  My weakness is chocolate and sweets.  I don’t drink my calories in the form of juices or sodas.  Coffee however is a must.  I love champagne, mojitos, red wine and margaritas.  I’m very active and love working out it makes me feel strong and powerful.  My routine consists of a combination of spinning, barre burn (ballet inspired class), Pilates and yoga. I also like rock climbing, rollerblading, skiing and hiking.”[/highlight_1]

4ALEJALEJANDRA KSINCLAIR TEST AUGUST2010 2ALEJANDRA  KEVIN SINCLAIR TEST AUGUST 2010 alejandra cata fashion swim model alejandra cata, fashion model

Most memorable on the job experience:

[highlight_1]”I went on an incredible trip to a small town in Morroco for a French client and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my career.  At sunset during the last shot of the day a herd of wild camels appeared behind me, so the photographer’s assistant and I ran towards them.  I have this great shot of me running amongst them.  For the wrap dinner we drove through the desert in complete darkness, there were no roads, just sand dunes, I thought ‘ok great we are all gonna die’, everyone was terrified.  We finally arrived at this oasis in the middle of nowhere that was lit with torches we were greeted by dancers, we had a beautiful meal, looking at the clearest sky I’ve ever seen.”[/highlight_1]

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[highlight_1]”I have great respect for the people behind the scenes. They work so hard before and after the shoot to create a beautiful image.  Whenever a hair/makeup artist transforms me its an incredible and inspiring feeling.  Also, certain photographers have a ability to guide you into showing a completely different side of yourself and that is always fun.  Likewise with styling, wardrobe can make you walk in another characters shoes.”[/highlight_1]

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Many of Alejandra’s latest campaigns are mainstream, to name a few: Fcuk, Elizabeth Arden, Billabong, Redken, Triumph Lingerie, Herbal Essences. 

[highlight_1]”My personal and professional journey has, I must admit, been an interesting one. I left the comfort and security of my home as a teenager in search of a dream, a fulfillment of ambition. The path was hard at times but as I always had the support of my family and friends, and the strength of my upbringing, I prevailed. Every day is a challenge, an opportunity, and I would not have it any other way.”[/highlight_1]

GypsiGold3 GypsiLayback15Photo by Sean Riva