LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

Julia Lescova, the name itself sounds exotic, sexy and dangerous.  She is one of those super uber attractive Eastern European models that men fantasize about and women wish they looked more like physically.  She is from the town of Daugavpils, where majority of people spoke Russian.

“I had a difficult upbringing in a single mom family of two kids, me and my brother.  My parents divorced when I was two years old and we never saw him ever after.  It wasn’t easy growing up without a father, good clothes and food.  But that’s what made me and my brother strong, independent, grateful and fearless.”

Julia Lescova, fashion, red hot, top, New York Julia Lescova, modelHow did you begin your modeling career?

“I started modeling quite early when I was 15 years old.  I went to modeling school in my country and I participated in modeling contests that led me to sign with a leading agency. From there I got picked by an Italian modeling agency from Milan and I started traveling all over the world at the age of 16.  By 18 I had been in most European modeling cities, by 21 I spoke 5 languages and landed many fashion campaigns.”

Julia Lescova, front, torso, body, red hot, face model Julia Lescova, red hot, model, fashion, side, profile, Los Angeles Julia Lescova, fashion, sexy, red hot, top, model Julia Lescova, sexy, fashion, red hot, top model, prettyCountries modeled in?

“Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, France, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and of course the USA.”

Julia Lescova, Latvian, red hot, sexy Julia Lescova, red hot, sexy, top model, Latvia Julia Lescova, sexy, beautiful, red hotCities based in for work?

“Most of the time in Milan when I was 16 till my twenties, then in London I lived for about a year.  New York often and spent lot of time in Istanbul for many jobs there as well.”

Julia Lescova, bikini, red hot, model, beauty Julia Lescova, swimwear, bikini, top, red hot Julia Lescova, sexy, sleep, bed, red hot, model Julia Lescova, sexy, red hot, white, lingerie Julia Lescova, body, photo, model, red hot Diet and exercise routine?

“I don’t stress it. When I can do it, I do it.  If I can’t make a workout happen, I don’t sweat it.  But I try to do a workout at least two to three times a week.  I’m lucky if it happens four times a week.  If I travel a lot, then I miss workouts.  Normally I like classes in a gym, yoga, boxing, spinning, do some weights and cardio on my own – which I learned after four years of constant workout sessions with a trainer.  Whatever I can do I try to.  I don’t really watch my diet or count calories.  I just try to follow what and how much I should eat according to how my body feels.  If I’m full I stop eating, no stress.  And yes, I like chocolate, soda with pizza and pasta”

Julia Lescova, beach, bikini, sexy, red hot, swimwear, top, pretty Julia Lescova, red hot, sexy, bikini Julia Lescova, body, sexy, red hot, bikini, profile Julia Lescova, sexy, bikini, lingerie, front, shot, red hot Julia Lescova, beach, red hotFavorite designers?

“Anthony Vaccarello, Versace, Balmain, Alexandre Vauthier, Luis Vuitton, Celine and Tom Ford.  My dream is to fill my closet with those beautiful clothes.  Swimwear – no preference truthfully… I’m a fan of lingerie.”

Julia Lescova, bikini, model, top, beauty Julia Lescova, red hot, beach, LA Julia Lescova, FHM, red hot Julia Lescova, red hot, sexy, lingerie Julia Lescova, sexy, profile, red hot Julia Lescova, lingerie, top, red hotFavorite city to live and just be in?

“Nothing can beat Los Angeles for me.  I know there are a lot of misconceptions about the city, for some reason many people find it “phony, flaky, fake, superficial” and so on.  But I surround myself with positive people and energy that makes the whole concept of LA very pleasant to me.  I love the weather.  I love the comfort and availability of everything possibly needed.  There is a lot of space and good prices for that space, freedom, ambition, opportunities, it’s all here.  It’s a warm beautiful city that is not a vacation place.  It is a place where one can still be busy and become successful while living in a comfortable environment-good lifestyle.  I know maybe raising kids in the city is questionable, but when the time is right I will probably reconsider where to live.”

Julia Lescova, thong, red hot, sexy, bodyAny plans for acting?

“It’s not my first carrier choice, but I’m here in Los Angeles so I might as well try it…”

Julia Lescova, fashion, Los Angeles, legs, body, shot Julia Lescova, red hot, fashion, side, portfolio Julia Lescova, classic, swimwear, red hot, model Julia Lescova, Los Angeles, legs, red hot, fashionPublications featured in?

“I’ve been on about 30 magazine covers in the world but maybe they are not that ‘known’ in the USA.  That being said, I’ve been in Elle, Harpers Bazaar, GQ and FHM.”

Julia Lescova, face, headshot, red hot Julia Lescova, Guess, Marciano Julia Lescova, red hot, model Julia Lescova, Guess, Marciano, red hot, modelFashion brands or companies worked with?

“Revlon, La Perla, Loewe, Pierre Cardin, Michael Kors, Giambattista Valli, Armani and Guess.”

Julia Lescova, face, front red hotThoughts on the modeling industry, sleazy, good, classy?

“It’s different for everyone.  There are all types of models and all types of jobs for different model types.  It can be whatever you make of it.  You have to be smart and careful in this business before someone takes advantage of you and steers you in the wrong direction or choose it yourself by mistake.  There are sleazy, classy or trashy directions, each model should chose for herself.  Be smart.  It’s great when you have some sort of guidance, manager, parent, partner, agent, who helps you and leads you the right way.  Combining this with your hard work and dedication, there are only good benefits to pick up from it.”

Julia Lescova, fashion top, model, red hot Julia Lescova, fashion, photos, model, red hot, top, New YorkOther personal attributes outside of modeling that may have helped?

“I like to sing, I play piano, music has been always something that I loved since I can remember.  I danced Latin American and ballroom dance for seven years.  I love boxing.  I speak five languages.  I can sew, knit and crochet as they teach girls to do that in Latvia.  Nothing dangerous like skydiving or water skiing.  Maybe one day.  I also love to communicate any way I can with my friends and loved ones, do something for myself and others, workout, read, educate myself and learn.