“One of the hottest restaurant – night clubs has to be Oblaka.”

Саша Воробей (partner)

Located in Moscow (although I couldn’t tell you where since we were driven everywhere) on a building rooftop, you will indeed find some of the biggest spenders. I can’t say that everyone stays in one place all night, as is the same for Knightlife in New York City, but the attractive people definitely make a stop in during the night. White lover-sized couches, hookas, Ukrainian models, Russian Models, Billionaires, Millionaires, a few tourists like me and mixture of dance/techno music fills the room. Oh, and cigarette smoking is legal (we forget how blessed we are in New York and Los Angeles sometimes since smoking in public places is virtually a “crime” punishable by a hefty fine and even jail time.

In New York, smokers are not even allowed to smoke near some building entrances. They are instructed to move 15 feet away from the area, crazy laws. Personally, I can’t stand smokers and the smell is stuck everywhere, in your hair, clothes and underwear (some of you could use that smoke screen there I suppose).

янина гудкова & Ricardo Garcia

Beyond smoke screens and bottled water with crazy Russian writing, the menu at Oblaka is out of this world with fresh fruits and vegetables (ironic), filet mignon, steamed fish and collection of fine wines. Feels good to order up a full meal at 3am in the morning while still partying heavily. What time does it close? The kitchen apparently closes “whenever” and the club itself closes “whenever”. To define “whenever” according to Partner Dmitry Aronin, “We could close at 6am or if the party is still going we could close at 7 or even 8am. Most of the time we close around 5 or 6am in the morning.” I think I threw in the towel around 5am myself. I would have taken that filet mignon to go (healthy serving of 4 on each plate) if I had a refrigerator in my hotel room.