American beauty is back.


The modeling market is typically flooded with Eastern European and Scandinavian beauties gracing the runways and magazine covers in New York, London and Paris.  Megan Haley is a California home grown model, one of several in recent times, breaking this standard.  We caught up with he recently to get a glimpse of her modeling career.  Raised in Northern California she was discovered in her late teens by her current manager Caleb White.

Megan Haley, swim suit, LA“I was born and raised in Northern California in Silicon Valley.  I had always thought about modeling someday because my mom was a model.  I was discovered by my amazing manager Caleb White at Cw talent when I had just moved to Los Angeles to attend Loyola Marymount University.  He is the one who started my career.”

MeganHaley-9304PS_fsyuwfMeganHaley-9298PS_mhkwg3Favorite place to work abroad?

“My absolute favorite place is Florence, Italy.  I went there to study abroad and was fortunate enough to get to go back a few months ago to shoot for Guess/ Marciano.  It was such an amazing experience getting to go back to my favorite spot to work for my dream client.”

Megan Haley lingerie sexy test Megan Haley lingerie sexyFavorite designers at the moment?

“I LOVE rag and bone and For Love and Lemons.  I buy pretty much all of my clothing at Planet blue and Intermix.  They always have an amazing selection!”

Megan Haley fashion sexy Megan Haley fashionDiet and exercise routine?

“I eat a lot of green vegetables, almonds, avocados, chicken and fish.  I try to avoid processed foods and anything that isn’t organic!  I love to hike with my friends and walk on the beach for exercise.  I also enjoy yoga and Pilates.”

Megan Haley top model 2 Megan Haley top model 1Favorite desserts?

“Anything in the dessert section of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook.  It’s a must read!”

Megan Haley top model sexy Megan Haley sexy t shirtFavorite beverage?

“I LOVE a good cup of coffee.”

Megan Haley, double, modelWhat you enjoy most about modeling?

“I think it’s a true gift to be able to travel and get the opportunity to meet so many amazing people along the way. I love that every job is so different, it makes things exciting and unpredictable!”

Megan Haley, model, fashionTypical hours of nightly sleep?

“Sleep is so important for both physical health and well being. Getting a good night sleep is the best way to look and feel your best so I try to get 7-8 hours whenever possible.”

Megan Haley model bikini Megan Haley model bikini 2 Megan Haley black white bikniGood model vs bad model lifestyle?

“I believe a good model shows up on time, is easy to work with, takes direction well, has confidence in front of the camera and is able to deliver whatever it is that the client is looking to create.  It’s also important that models take good care of themselves and treat others well…  Kindness goes a long way!”

Megan Haley beach model Megan Haley beach model 3 Megan Haley beach model 2 Megal Haley Beach model 4First big job that made you feel as an accomplished model?

“Working for Guess – Marciano because that has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.”

Megan Haley black white beachFashion or commercial brands you have worked with?

“Levi’s, Guess, Vanity Fair, Skechers, Reebok, Quicksilver and a lot of swim and lingerie companies!”

Megan Haley beach whiteNotable magazines/publications you have been in?

“I’ve done many editorials but the most notable one was in GQ Brazil.”

Megan Haley red hot beachSince you are in LA, any plans for acting?

“Maybe, I like to keep my options open.”

Megan Haley top model beachQuirkiest thing about you that most people don’t know about you at first?

“I’m a complete tom boy. I grew up playing sports and have two brothers so I still play sports with them…  Also, I love to wakeboard, snowboard, cook and write!”

Megan Haley lingerie black Megan Haley lingerie black 2 Megan Haley bikini test model Megan Haley bikini 2