Alina Krasina: Photos by Marco Russo & Lev Efimov

Alina Krasina (Алина Красина) is from St. Peterburg Russia.  Based in London, wait, based in Paris…oops, living back and forth.

Alina is living between both London and Paris so her suitcase is her primary residence (rough bouncing in between two of the most exciting cities in Europe and getting paid for it).  She claims she is homeless becaue hotels don’t forward her mail so she has to have post boxes in both cities.

Simply divine…

She has worked in New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Madrid, London, the list goes on and on…  In each city, when she has down time, Alina spends it in museums, libraries (I don’t quite get this one), theatres, parks or just walking around trying to find someone, I mean, “something” special (I’m available, to walk around I mean). 

Need I say more?

She claims her vegetarin diet keeps her healthy and active.  Ok, she is a partial vegetarian because she loves fish.  She is hooked on Mexican, Japanese and Italian food (aren’t we all?)

All natural

She claims that it is her double daily Chai Latte that keeps her going…

Simple elegance, beauty and style

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