Donna Feldman: Photos by George Favios

I think The Beach Boys sang it best in “I wish they all could be California girls…”  (David Lee Roth tried)


Originally from Southern California (seems more and more beauties are from there), Donna Feldman has cultural ties to Russia, Poland and Israel by way of her grandparents and parents.  This American Beauty personifies the word “Babe” in Southern California.  Her modeling career has taken her to Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, Mozambique, Spain, Germany, Greece, Australia, Mexico and that Aloha state called Hawaii (we sometimes forget about them).  She loves traveling through her modeling career and exploring new cultures.

Photo by George Favios

She started modeling at 19 while styding Fashion Marketing & Merchandising at FIDM in Los Angeles.  She quickly starting booking national campaigns, television commercials, television shows, movies and music videos.  Donna maintains her good looks by eating a healthy gluten free diet with plenty of fish and very light on the meat products and claims there has been a vast improvement in her over all feeling and skin.


Photo by George Favios

Photo by Nicolaas de Bruin

Donna’s favorite drink is a virgin piña colada.  She says, “It reminds me of being on a vacation and I prefer it without the taste of alcohol.”  (she asked me not to laugh, but honestly, I just want to be the cabana boy serving her)


Photo by Beppe Buttinoni

You may have seen her recently as the face of Visa Black Card in both national print campaigns and television commercials.  Some other past and current work includes clients such as:  Ceasars Palace, Bellagio, Verizon, Fila, Revlon, Jaguar, Westfield, Axe and many more.

Photo by Beppe Buttinoni – RED HOT body by Donna Feldman

Photo by Nicolaas de Bruin

I asked Donna what she liked and disliked most about her chosen profession,


I love not sitting at a desk all day. I love getting paid to play dress up! I love getting to be creative and express a side of me to the camera that I could never express in my real life.  The thing I hate most is the insecurities it brings out in a person. It can be a very unhealthy profession for someone who is sensitive or can’t deal with rejection. You must tell yourself that for the ten clients who’s look you’re not right for, there will be one that you’re absolutely perfect for.


Photo by Mira Adwell

Photo by Beppe Buttinoni

She has the model look

Photo by George Favios in Ibiza for the German Faber campaign

A West Coast babe with an international flavour.  Donna Feldman (I wonder if they pay her on a Visa Black Card, with credit I mean, note to self) makes glamour and sex appeal look easy.

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